Pros / The software includes tools to edit both vector and raster images.

Cons / Xara’s program does not offer support by phone or live chat.

 Verdict / This software includes a wide selection of both illustration tools and photo editing features. While the program lacks live support via phone or chat, it offers a robust support page that addresses common problems and solutions.

Editor's Note: A new version of Xara Photo & Graphic Designer is available. Clicking on the Buy Button will take you to this new version for purchase. We will rank and review this new version when we next update the Windows Graphic Design Software site. For now, enjoy our review for Xara Photo & Graphic Designer 10. 

Xara Photo & Graphic Designer 10 comes with an extensive selection of illustration tools. With the pen tool and vector brushes, you can create illustrations that will maintain their quality as you resize and manipulate them. The graphic design program also has vector tracing. It will outline bitmaps and convert them into a vector image that you can edit.

The graphic software has a variety of brushes you can choose from, as well as the ability to create your own custom brushes. You can adjust the weight, color and stroke of the brush you want to use. The program is also compatible with drawing tablets that you can use to customize the pressure of your brushes. Likewise, you can select from 522 different font styles and alter color, opacity, size, wrap or even add 3-D effects.

When creating your designs, the software comes with several tools to help ensure accuracy. With rulers, grids and snap-to alignment, you can measure and place elements of your design precisely where you want them. Unfortunately, the software does not offer custom guides for more control.

This graphic design software also includes several tools to help you edit photos. With over 55 photo filters, you can manipulate the color and texture of your images. You can even merge photos into a panorama. It also includes tools that help improve the photo. For example, you can correct the colors, remove noise or fix any distortions caused by the lens.

The software comes with templates that you can use to place your photos on. With content-aware scaling, you can resize your photos without distorting the image so that you can place them into the templates. The masking tools it includes allow you to remove unwanted objects or subjects from your images. You can even add dimension to your photos with the perspective-based editing feature. While the software does not have a history log, you can always use the undo button to reverse your actions. After you have finished creating a design or editing a photo, you can export it directly to a social media website.

With the various illustration tools and photo editing features, the software still manages an intuitive interface and a user-friendly program. The opening screen offers several tips and guidelines to help you get started. We were able to manipulate photos and create designs with little difficulty, and the software was responsive throughout the process. This was the only program that did not offer to check for errors before sending your projects to the printer. If you would like to have this feature, consider looking into DrawPlus

In terms of support, the software has several resources available on its website. You can join support forum conversations, view video tutorials and search the online manual, which is also available within the application. You can contact support by email. Unfortunately, Xara does not list a phone number or offer live chat on its website.

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  • Photo Filters
  • Templates
  • Font Styles
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The best graphic design software includes a combination of both illustration and photo editing capabilities. Xara Photo & Graphic Designer 10 provides tools for both illustrations and photo editing. In particular, the software has several vector tools that you can use to alter your photos into vector images to edit them. While the software lacks some basic features and capabilities, it offers other methods to use instead.

Xara Photo & Graphic Designer 10 Visit Site

Specifications and Benchmarks

Photo & Image Editing

Photo Filters
Color Correction
Noise Removal
Automatic Lens Correction
Content-Aware Scaling
Perspective-Based Editing
Mask Tools
Animated GIFs
History Log
Batch Processing
Panorama Merging
HDR Imaging
Export to Social Media

Help & Support

Support Forums
Video Tutorials
In-Application Support
Email Support
Phone Support
Live Chat

Illustration Tools

Pen Tool
Vector Tracing
Vector Brushes
Custom Brushes
Gradients & Opacity
Pantone Swatches
3D Effects
Custom Guides
Snap-to Alignment
Text Wrap
Tablet Compatibility
Font Styles


On-Screen Color Proof
Bleed Setup
Printer's Marks
Prepress Check

System Requirements

Windows 10
Windows 8
Windows 7
Windows Vista
Windows XP

File Compatibility