Pros / This program can capture streaming video feeds as well as download raw video files.

Cons / During our testing, we found the program only worked some of the time.

 Verdict / When it works, RipTiger is an adequate solution for downloading online videos.

RipTiger is a video downloader program that automatically detects the videos you stream in your browser and downloads them. This program is different from most of the products we reviewed in that it allows you to record live video streams as well as download raw files onto your hard drive.

When you launch RipTiger, it monitors your web activity, and when you view a video, it starts downloading. If there is an ad at the beginning of the video, it saves it as a separate file so you can delete it later. If you don't want the software to download videos automatically, you can turn off this feature and simply cut and paste URLs into the program.

There are several versions of RipTiger. We reviewed the Full version, which is missing many of the features we look for in the best video downloader software. You have to upgrade to the Ultimate version to convert the videos you capture -- that higher-price version lets you convert videos into most of the popular formats, including MOV, MP4 and AVI.

RipTiger also doesn’t have a download manager. You can monitor the progress of your downloads, but once they finish, they move into a special file folder on your hard drive. However, you can access this folder through a button on the software’s main menu.
The biggest problem with RipTiger is it only works intermittently. During our tests, it took a great deal of effort to get the program to work at all. When we did get it running, it only worked properly about half the time.

RipTiger also has fewer help and support options than many video downloaders. Its website has a FAQs page, and you can email customer service, but that's it. Other products we reviewed offer social media and live chat support.

RipTiger is a simple program that automatically detects and records videos as you stream them in your browser. However, if you want to convert your downloads into different formats, you have to pay more. RipTiger is easy enough to use when it works properly, but when it doesn't, it is extremely frustrating.

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