XNSPY’s cell phone parental controls help you monitor your child’s smartphone use and provide detailed reports that show you their cell phone habits. You can use the online dashboard to view information about apps, photos, call history, text messages, contacts, locations and calendar entries on your child’s device. XNSPY can also track messages sent through chat apps, such as Tinder, Skype and Facebook Messenger, and record phone calls so you can listen to them later. In addition, you can completely block specific contacts so your child can’t call or text unsavory people.

You can use XNSPY’s GPS location tracker to see where your child is. This mobile phone monitoring app lets you control your child’s phone remotely – you can shut it down and adjust settings even when you don’t have physical access to the device. You can also snap screenshots of the content currently on your child’s screen to see exactly what they are up to.

XNSPY alerts you when your child uses specific words in text messages, sent and received emails, and browser searches so you can help protect them from abuse and inappropriate content. The app also notifies you if they swap out the phone’s SIM card.

You have to purchase a separate license for each device you want to monitor, but you can track activity and view usage reports for multiple phones from a single dashboard. The XNSPY cell phone app is easy to install and runs invisibly on your child’s phone so they can’t tell they are being monitored. This parental cell phone control program is compatible with both Android and iOS devices. If you need cell phone monitoring for a BlackBerry device, consider Mobistealth.

You can contact XNSPY by email and live chat if you need help troubleshooting problems, but the company does not offer phone support. For indirect support, you can review several FAQs as well as a live demo on the XNSPY website.

XNSPY is a good option for monitoring you child’s cell phone. It tracks the most relevant data and provides up-to-date information. The software’s remote control features let you adjust settings, take screenshots and turn off your child’s cell phone from afar.

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