Pros / You can run a trial period of FullShot Pro for 30 days before purchasing the program.

Cons / The user interface isn’t the most impressive or modern looking, as it appears to come directly from the early 2000s.

 Verdict / FullShot Pro can’t record video of your screen, but its image capturing and editing tools allow you to create helpful presentations, training docs and reports.

While FullShot screen capture software's on-screen interface looks a bit dull, its screenshot options are sharp. You capture images and screenshots through five options that form the acronym SWORD. The S for Screen Capture, W for Window Capture, O for Object Capture, R for Region Capture and D for Document Capture.

The acronym, with each letter on an active button, is displayed prominently at the top of the screen capture app's interface. You simply click on the letters to initiate each of the capture modes. The screenshot then appears in a window, ready to edit. It works smoothly and effectively.

In addition to the capture types mentioned above, FullShot lets you collect images and screenshots in a scrolling capture, so you can catch more than appears on screen. This is handy for capturing webpages and spreadsheets. The time-controlled function lets you schedule times to take automatic screenshots. You also can capture images of DirectX applications and video games.

This screen capture software does not let you record video of your screen, only still shots. It's limited to standard capture shapes such as rectangles, ellipses and freehand. It does not let you capture images in circular or polygon shapes.

The program has two toolbars, one on the top of the FullShot interface and one along the side, to make editing and image manipulation easy and fast. The toolbars offer a wide range of editing and drawing functions, as well as special effects. Using these toolbars, you can crop, rotate and flip an image. In addition, you can add text and color. You can also change the color of your text.

You can add drop shadows, tear effects and frames to the screenshots you capture. In addition, you can add text bubbles or arrows and lines. You can even make them different thicknesses and colors. These elements are good for slideshows, manuals and presentations.

Many FullShot features are smooth, but some are not. When applying effects to your screen captures, such as torn edges, frames, drop shadows and glares, you first select the effect in the toolbar and then must capture the image to apply that effect. You cannot apply effects to images after you capture them. Also, installing FullShot only takes a few moments, but it requires you to click through a lengthy installation wizard that seems to have more arbitrary clicks than necessary ones.

Sharing images and screenshots taken with FullShot is easy with the program’s email option. With this screen capture software, you can create images in JPG, PNG, PDF and GIF file formats, which means you can create small files for sharing online or large high resolution files. FullShot can import images from your connected camera or scanner, allowing you to fine tune them before sharing them.

If you need help with FullShot screenshot software, you can contact the company via email. There are also FAQs offered on the company website to troubleshoot or answer questions you may have. The website also has tutorials to help you use the application. There is no phone support for this product; however, the company offers an impressive 30-day trial period, the longest of all the products we reviewed.

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FullShot Pro offers a number of useful tools, screen capture methods and additional features, making it a good choice for anyone who needs to take screenshots and edit them. It lacks video capture and simple capture shapes, such as a circle or polygon, and email is your only option for sharing captured images. Still, this screen capture software meets standard screenshot needs to capture images, objects and webpages and to manipulate them for presentations, reports and other projects.

FullShot Pro 10 Visit Site

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