BISSELL PowerFresh review

The BISSELL PowerFresh is a quality steam mop that offers impressive cleaning power at a reasonable price. This steam cleaner cut through every stuck-on mess we put in front of it with ease.

Bissell PowerFresh Deluxe Steam Mop
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The Bissell PowerFresh has stellar cleaning capabilities even with dried-on messes, and represents a good value for the price.


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    The optional adjustable steam levels, removable tank and speedy heat-up times make this unit convenient.


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    Competing machines come with accessories for cleaning clothes and other tasks.

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BISSELL PowerFresh: What is it? 

The BISSELL PowerFresh is a quality choice that features in our round up of best steam mops.

BISSELL PowerFresh: Performance 

Offering impressive cleaning power at a reasonable price, this steam cleaner cut through the tough, dried-on mess we put in front of it with ease. It was also easy to use with features like a removable tank, adjustable steam levels and a quick heat-up time. The PowerFresh was the best steam mop we tested for its ideal combination of convenient features that will help you keep your floors clean without the use of chemicals.

While other units created too much or too little steam, this one produced just the right amount for cleaning. The ones that produced too little steam could not power through the stuck-on stuff in our tests, and the ones that produced too much steam left the floor wet and slippery. The PowerFresh was perfect, though, even on the difficult, dried-on mustard. We also let soda, spaghetti sauce and orange juice dry overnight on our laboratory’s kitchen floor, and this unit cut through all of them in very few passes. It powered through the spaghetti sauce, and the soda in the fewest passes of all the units we compared.

We also measured temperatures on each floor steamer’s cleaning pads, and the PowerFresh had one of the highest average temperatures. The higher the temperature, the better mops are at cutting through messes and killing germs. The hot water temperatures are the reason you can clean without chemicals with a steam mop, so the hotter steam produced by this mop translates into cleaning power.

This unit did well on the obstacle course we created to evaluate maneuverability, especially considering its rather wide cleaning surface. The cleaning surface on this mop’s head is 13 inches wide, but it is designed to get under things easily and into tight corners. A fold-down scrubber brush can help you get into grout and combat set-in spills, too.

This BISSELL weighs just 6 pounds, and is easy to assemble, use and store. This steam mop cleaned for a long time, especially considering its relatively small tank. Since the refill process is so easy with this one, its run time is less important than others. Stopping to refill is no big deal. The removable tank means you don’t have to find a pitcher or take the whole mop over to the faucet when it is time for more water. You can quickly fill the tank, and pick up where you left off.

BISSELL PowerFresh: Features 

Once plugged in, the mop was ready to use within 27 seconds. That makes it ideal for everyday sorts of spills in addition to deeper cleaning tasks. There was a competitor that heated up even faster, though. Read about it in the H2O X5 review

One of the nice things about using a steam mop for cleaning your floors is that you don't have to use soap. That is better for the environment, and great for people with sensitivities to chemicals. If you prefer a scent after you clean, the PowerFresh comes with fragrance discs that you can put into the mop head that leave your home smelling as clean as it actually is.

This is one of the best steam mops for providing control for specific tasks. You can adjust the steam to three different levels, so you can use the right amount needed for each mess. The more steam you use, the easier it is to power through stuck-on gunk, but that can leave the floors slippery for a longer amount of time.

Our primary focus in evaluating these products was their ability to clean floors, and the PowerFresh was excellent for that task. Accessories give you the flexibility to steam other surfaces, and that can be a great plus. There is a carpet glide attachment that raises the mop slightly off the surface so you can freshen up carpeted rooms, but that is about it for additional attachments. Competing units had hand tools that allow you to clean shower stalls, stovetops and fabrics, but since the most important job of a steam mop is mopping, we still give a lot of credit to this unit.

BISSELL stands by this product with a two-year warranty, which is better than the average for this type of product. That shows confidence in the PowerFresh. This manufacturer also makes it easy to get answers to any question you have about this steam mop, on the phone or via email.

 Should you buy the BISSELL PowerFresh? 

The PowerFresh has the right steam level to conquer any cleaning task. Couple that with helpful features like its ability to stand on its own, a removable tank and superior maneuverability – the PowerFresh comes out on top.

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