H2O X5 Mop review

The H20 X5 Mop came out as the best versatile mop in our round up. Powering through spaghetti sauce, orange juice, soda and mustard, this mop cleaned stains that had been on the floor for several hours.

H20 X5 Steam Mop review
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The H20 Mop X5 did a great job cleaning floors during our tests, and it comes with a lot of tools for cleaning other areas of your home, too.


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    The pointed cleaning head helps get into corners.


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    You will have stop to refill the tank often.

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The H20 Mop X5 had the second best performance overall in our testing, powering through spaghetti sauce, orange juice, soda and mustard, even after they had been drying on the kitchen floor overnight. Only the Bissell PowerFresh removed the mustard, and the spaghetti sauce in fewer passes than the X5.

The X5 is efficient in terms of its preparation time. It only took 10 seconds to completely heat up for cleaning. Other models in our best steam mops took more than four times as long as the X5 to heat up. It got really hot, too. We measured temperatures on each mop's cleaning pad, and found this one had an above-average heat level. Higher heat means better sanitization.

The X5 left the floor a little too wet. The best steam mop is one that has enough moisture to power through sticky messes, but not so much moisture that you have soggy floors for long after cleaning. The X5 definitely erred on the side of too much moisture. It handled sticky messes quite easily, though, tying for the fewest number of passes to clean soda. You will just have to banish everyone from the kitchen for a while after using the H20 Mop X5, so the floors can dry. 

The X5 was excellent for maneuverability. It has a swiveling head that helps weave in and out of table legs. It also has a triangular cleaning surface, which made it easy to get into corners during our testing. The only drawback in terms of the cleaning head is its small size – it was the smallest that we tested. That generally means it takes longer to mop, but the maneuverability makes up for it in overall cleaning speed compared to the ones with bigger cleaning heads.

One great thing about this mop is the fact that it is more than a mop. Unpacking it takes some time because of all the accessories. There are tools for cleaning windows, carpets, tile walls, toilets, mirrors, shower doors, clothing, upholstery and other surfaces. When you are done cleaning floors you can snap on an attachment and clean the bathroom, and other areas of the house.

One quirk with this machine was its abnormally thick and stiff power cord that did not want to wrap neatly, or at all really. It's a small thing, but it really was annoying. The cord also ties for the shortest we tested, so you can't get too far before you have to find a new outlet. This will only be noticeable when cleaning larger areas.

The X5 has a smaller than average water tank that is not removable. You have to fill it often, and you have to go to the sink to do it. It only runs for about 12 minutes per tank – the shortest run time of any we tested. The small tank is perhaps the most inconvenient thing about this steam mop. Be prepared to refill it often. That will not be necessary with many competitors.

The H20 Mop X5 has some failings: you have to refill the tiny tank often, the small cleaning head leaves the floor a little too moist and the cord is unwieldy. It did a great job of cleaning stuck-on messes in our tests, and it was easy to maneuver around table and chair legs. It also had the fastest heat-up time of any steam mop we tested, and it adds a lot of value by offering tools to clean many other surfaces besides floors.

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