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The Credit People review

The Credit People offers unique payment plans and money-back guarantee make this a winner

The Credit People Review
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Our Verdict

The combination of unique payment plans, a money-back guarantee, affordable pricing and no hidden fees make The Credit People an attractive option for credit repair despite not offering a personal case adviser.


  • Affordable
  • Money-back guarantee
  • No hidden fees


  • No personal advisor
  • Limited educational material

If it's now time for a credit repair and you want to save a bit of money, get a money-back guarantee and don't mind few educational materials at your fingertips then The Credit People could be for you.

The Credit People started up in 2001 and has since helped over one hundred thousand people to improve their credit ratings, making it one of the best credit repair services. Since this has very little risk, because of that money-back guarantee, this is a service for anyone unsure but willing to give credit repair a try.

The company will use a team of credit experts to analyze your credit situation before identifying issues and formulating a plan to challenge those issues. The result should be a series of bad credit points being removed so your history looks better and your score goes up.

The credit report is initially carried out by The Credit People meaning you won't need to pay anything extra for that (although there is a $19 setup fee) or worry about the hassle of chasing after that information. While the company then chases the credit bureaus on your behalf you'll be updated as changes are made.

Sound like something you could use? Read on to find out everything you need to know about The Credit People. Alternatively, check out our reviews for Credit Saint or, to name a couple. 

The Credit People review: How much does The Credit People charge?

  • $79 per month or $419 for six months
  • $19 seven day trial
The Credit People: Key figures

Cost: $79 per month or $419 for six months, $19 setup fee

Customer service: 24/7

Contact: Phone and email

Credit report: Free ($19 setup fee)

The Credit People have a very clear pricing plan which is pretty affordable when lined up with the competition that operate at this level. You pay an initial fee of $19 for setup then it's $79 per month. 

The great thing here is that the $19 setup fee is actually a seven day trial which you can cancel after that time if you've decided this isn't for you. There's also a 60 day guarantee, but more on that below.

For those that like the sound of The Credit People, and know their credit history is going to take some time to sort, there is a six month option. This is charged at a flat one-off payment of $419 meaning you save $55 over the monthly rate. Since the average case takes six to seven months to totally repair, this makes sense for those that can afford to pay up front.

You also get an initial free consultation on the phone, something that's become quite common among credit repair companies these days.

The Credit People review: 60 day guarantee

  • 60 days to decide if you're happy
  • Last month's fees back

The Credit People not only operate a seven day trial at $19 but also run a 60 day guarantee. Since these repairs, on average, take six to seven months this is a tough one to claim on but it's nice to have as a stamp of confidence on the company.

Take note that this guarantee is money-back but it only covers your last month's fee and your upcoming month's unbilled fee. 

But since most cases take six months, expecting great results in two is perhaps a mistake anyway. Nonetheless it is a good get-out option if you get to near 60 days and nothing has happened at all. So, perhaps expect to see action taken on the part of The Credit People but don't necessarily expect to have your credit already clearing much by then.

The Credit People review: Online updates

  • See updates as they happen
  • Be alerted by email

The Credit People want you to see that progress is being made, so you keep paying. That in mind you can expect to have email alerts of any credit changes that happen as a result of the work being done. You can then go online to see what's happened in more detail.

Access online is, of course, 24/7 meaning you can find out details whenever you want, not just as they happen. This includes details like the client requests made and the past actions taken, so everything is there in a snapshot.

A pie graph is used to clearly display your credit repairs across the three credit bureaus with repairs in green and work left to be done in grey.

The Credit People review

(Image credit: The Credit People)

The Credit People review: What's fixed?

  • Late payments 
  • Collections

The Credit People work to fix lots of issues so you can get your credit history cleaned, resulting in a higher credit score. Some of these items that will be found and fixed include:

  • Late payments
  • Collections
  • Charge-offs
  • Bankruptcies
  • Repossessions
  • Foreclosures
  • Tax liens
  • Identity fraud
  • Student loans
  • Judgements

The Credit People review: What's included?

  • Identity theft protection
  • Unlimited disputes

Once up and running the process of credit repairs varies from company to company, with some requiring you to do the leg-work. The Credit People include a lot of services as part of the fee meaning you can leave it to them and be notified via email when something happens that's worth knowing about.

The Credit People services included for the price are:

  • Free consultation
  • Dedicated account manager
  • Unlimited disputes
  • Online account management
  • Identity theft protection

That unlimited disputes is worth noting as not everyone will offer this, which can lead to a slower process in the long run. By having this unlimited that leaves the company free to go back and forth with the credit bureaus without you having to worry about being pestered. It also means you don't need to worry about hidden fees and is ideal for those with lots of issues on their credit history.

The Credit People review: What users say

  • ConsumerAffairs rating of 5 stars
  • BBB customer rating of C+

The ConsumerAffairs rating is a perfect five stars, a very rare and impressive claim suggesting this is very well liked by users indeed. This is based on just eight reviews though, so should be taken with a pinch of salt.

The BBB, aka Better Business Bureau, has awarded The Credit People a C+ but the customer reviews have rated it just two stars, although that's based on only two reviews. Five complaints have been closed in the last three years while none have been closed in the last 12 months.

Should I choose The Credit People?

The Credit People offers a well-priced service that promises lots of ways to pull-out if you're not happy. The seven day trial and the 60 day guarantee make for money-saving exit options although with most cases taking around six months it's tough to pull out that early anyway.

Online details keep you abreast of progress and there is a 24/7 customer care line, however, you don't get a dedicated person assigned to your case. There are also very few educational materials for anyone looking to learn as the process goes on.

With an excellent ConsumerAffairs customer review rating and a C+ from BBB, this appears to be a good company to use according to customers. Is it the right one for you? Check out some more credit repair reviews on TopTenReviews to see what else is on offer.