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An affordable starting rate with lots of modern options to suit needs

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Ovation offers a modern credit repair service, with a useful app to access your account, unique customization for specific credit targets and same-day services for those in a hurry. Average pricing and great customer reviews make Ovation attractive service.


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    Same-day services

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    Assigned case manager


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    Educational advice weak

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Ovation: What you need to know

If you're in need of credit repair, Ovation might be able to help. The company's been around since 2004 but was recently acquired by LendingTree and provides ultra modern services that set it apart from the competition. This is reflected in the great customer reviews that suggest this could be a contender for best credit repair service.

Ovation might not have the most catchy or youthful name but it's services certainly serve that area well. This is thanks to catering for those that want results right away by offering a same-day service. 

The customization options are also a modern touch with allows customers to target specific credit issues quickly for the best results right away. While this gives it more of a DIY feel than other services, you won't find as many useful educational resources online. There is a blog but it's quite general and not very original. But the company is active on social media, offering tips on there too.

So is this modern credit repair service for you? Read on the find out everything you need to know about Ovation.

Cost: How much does Ovation charge?

  • Essentials: $79 per month with $89 "first work fee"
  • Essentials Plus: $109 per month with $89 "first work fee"
Ovation: Key figures

Cost: $79 per month with a $89 "first work fee", or $109 per month with an $89 "first works fee"

Customer service: 24/7

Contact: Phone, email, mail

Credit report: Free (first works fee covered)

Ovation offers a simple selection of two payment plans: Essentials and Essential Plus. This is following an initial consultation, which is free.

The Essentials plan is $79 per month after a "first works fee" of $89, which will get you that first credit report thrown in. This gets you personalized dispute options, a personal case advisor and financial management tools.

The Essentials Plus plan is charged at $109 per month and will also mean you have to pay that $89 "first works fee". Which gets you the above plus unlimited challenge validation letters, unlimited creditor goodwill letters, an official Ovation recommendation letter plus Transunion Credit monitoring.

Ovation: Personalization

  • Online personal changes
  • Personal case manager

Ovation certainly makes you feel special. Primarily because you get a personal case manager who is assigned to you, meaning each time you make contact they know what's happening with you. This should save you time and hopefully any embarrassment there might be about your credit, which you don't want to have to keep repeating to people.

Next is that rather unique personalization feature which allows you to target your credit repairs. Using the online Dispute Manager you're able to select specific items on your credit which you'd like to dispute and even add the reasons why. This should help to unlock anything you need removed quickly, first.

Ovation: Same-day speed

  • Expedited dispute letters
  • Direct to credit bureaus

If you're in a real rush then Ovation offers a same-day service. This allows you to pay a fee of $25 to get the Fast Track treatment. This means that any letters of dispute will be expedited so that they reach the appropriate credit bureaus, having been sent out on the same day you pay for the service.

The result should be a quicker response, in theory. Of course this is still based on the bureau turning around the letter in it's own time, but you should be ahead of others that will arrive later, of course.

This is ideal for those that are in a rush for a specific loan, perhaps in the case of a mortgage to avoid losing a house in a chain purchase, for example.

Ovation: How does it work?

  • Two credit bureaus' reports obtained for you
  • Dispute Manager activated

Once you sign-up with Ovation you can pick the plan to suit your needs. Then you'll need to send your Experian credit report. For the other two credit bureaus, TransUnion and Equifax, the credit summary reports will be sorted by Ovation during your initial sign-up.

Then the company will identify points of concern on your credit report which could be challenged. The negative items to dispute will be decided but you'll also have access to the Dispute Manager tool where you can select areas you think need disputing and you can then explain why.

Ovation: What's removed?

  • Late payments
  • Collections

Ovation will work to remove as many negative and inaccurate points on your credit history as is possible. The result should be an improvement on your credit report and, hopefully, a change in your credit score.

This is achieved by changing the following factors:

  • Late payments
  • Collections
  • Charge-offs
  • Bankruptcies
  • Judgements
  • Liens
  • Credit inquiries
  • Foreclosures

Ovation: What users say

  • ConsumerAffairs rating of 4.2 stars
  • BBB customer rating of A+

The BBB, aka Better Business Bureau, has awarded Ovation an A+ rating. A great rating, sure, but since this is an accredited company perhaps that's to be expected. Of customer reviews the average score is just under four stars, which comes from 56 customer reviews.

The ConsumerAffairs rating is a near perfect 4.2 stars from 324 reviews. This is thanks to two-hundred and seventeen 5 star reviews, fifty-two 4 star reviews, twenty-three 3 star reviews, thirteen 2 star reviews and nineteen 1 star reviews.

Ovation: Verdict

Ovation is a very modern offering that wants to give a balance of control and effortlessness to the customer. As such this will take care of the leg-work but allows you to target which areas you feel need attention. 

The use of expedited services, for a fee, is a nice addition for those in a rush. Charges are average or high depending on the price plan you pick but both offer to tackle a wide range of negative credit report items.

Educational resources are not as helpful as advertised although the social media presence is a nice way to get tips easily, even if they are a bit obvious at times.

With lots of excellent customer feedback and 24/7 care this appears to be a good service for those that want to be sure they're getting their money's worth.

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