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Sky Blue Credit Repair review

Sky Blue Credit Repair has superb customer service with a long record of great performance

Sky Blue Credit Repair review
(Image: © Sky Blue Credit Repair)

Our Verdict

A single monthly fee, free credit reports, credit rebuilding assistance and fully-managed credit bureau disputes make Sky Blue Credit Repair a comprehensive solution that's well priced too.


  • Couples discount
  • Excellent customer service
  • 90-day money-back guarantee


  • Basic website

If you've done the best personal loans and ended up trying the debt consolidation route, it might be time for a credit repair. If you want to go for the best in customer care then Sky Blue could be the credit repair company for you, and it's certainly one of the best credit repair services, along with other companies like The Credit Pros and Credit Saint

Sky Blue not only offers great free consultations and customer care but also has a rather unique 90-day condition-free money-back guarantee. As such you can expect a speedy process. 

Sky Blue will do the legwork when it comes to finding areas in your credit report that can be disputed. Then it will handle those cases with the three major credit bureaus for you.

Despite Sky Blue doing the bulk of the work for you, there are still plenty of resources available to you online which help you to boost your credit score then and in future by being better informed. 

So is Sky Blue the credit repair service for you? Read on to find out everything you need to know.

Sky Blue review: How much does Sky Blue charge?

  • $79 per month
  • Couple's rate of $119 per month
Sky Blue: Key figures

Cost: $79 per month

Customer service: 24/7

Contact: Phone, email, mail

Credit report: Free

Sky Blue is very clear with its simple rates which are flat charged at $79 per month. It also has the option of making a saving for couples that would pay a discounted $119 for the pair, representing a 50% saving for the second customer.

Rather uniquely these fees will be returned to you if you're not happy with the service. Sky Blue says that it offers a 90-day money-back guarantee. This is a huge claim since it can often take months to see any change in credit ratings. That suggests that no matter your situation Sky Blue should be able to help improve credit in a short space of time.

Sky Blue review: Superb customer service

  • No pressure guidance
  • Free consultation

One of the great things about Sky Blue is the customer service, which is highly rated online by customer reviews. That 90-day money-back guarantee combined with a free initial consultation make for a pressure-free offering. Add to that the fact that you have no contract and can leave any month and you're left with a very comfortable service that either performs, and you keep paying, or messes up and you leave.

Either way customers report excellent service over the phones with any issues and generally great results in good time. 

Sky Blue review: Speed

  • 15 inquiries every 35 days
  • Across the three bureaus

Sky Blue operates on a 15 inquiry offering which applies every 35 days. This means you can have up to five inquiries per bureau at the same time from month to month.

This is one of the fastest rates in the industry and, at the price, does set the standard for speed. Of course actual results vary depending on personal situations. The number of inquiries isn't too great nor too small, striking the balance for efficiency without annoying the bureaus.

Sky Blue review: What's included?

  • Expert credit report review
  • FICO score tips

The Sky Blue package includes lots of features beyond the dispute dealings with the bureaus. That means after your credit report comes in Sky Blue will identify dispute candidates for you as well as offer tips on how to improve your FICO score.

The company then challenges the items with the bureaus and reports back to you with updates. If there are challenges settled unfavourably, Sky Blue with resend the dispute until the result you want is achieved.

Unlike some services this one will send personalized letters for you, not just a standard letter that may not apply specifically to your case. 

As such you can enjoy the following as part of your package:

  • Free consultation
  • Expert credit report review
  • Credit bureau disputes
  • Custom FICO Score tips and credit rebuilding
  • Creditor Assistance: Debt validation and goodwill letters
  • Cease and desist letters at no extra charge

Sky Blue Credit Repair review

(Image credit: Sky Blue Credit Repair)

Sky Blue review: Education and help

  • Report improvement tips
  • Remove negatives

Sky Blue works to do more than simply improve your credit score. It will identify specific items on your credit report that lenders are looking for. By helping you find those things, like missed payments and delinquencies or the age of credit history, it can also help you remove the negatives. 

Sky Blue will even advise you at the start if you are better off saving your money and doing the process yourself. Plus, if you are a customer, it will let you know when it's no longer worth paying as your rating is as good as it can be.

Sky Blue review: What users say

  • ConsumerAffairs rating of near 5 stars
  • BBB customer rating of 5 stars

The BBB, aka Better Business Bureau, has awarded Sky Blue a C+ but the customer reviews have rated it a full five stars. 

The ConsumerAffairs rating is nearly a perfect five stars which is very rare. This is thanks to 67 reviews of 5 stars and just 2 single star reviews.

Should I choose Sky Blue?

As one of the best credit repair services out there it's clear that Sky Blue not only does very well at fixing credit but it does so while keeping customer care at the front of its priorities.

Personalized disputes, a money-back guarantee, speedy results and additional services, like goodwill letters and debt validation, make this a service worth opting for. The very competitive pricing also adds to the appeal of Sky Blue.

While the website could offer more, if that's not something you need then Sky Blue is a great option for you as a service that does the work so you don't have to.