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Credit Saint Credit Repair review

Credit Saint has an excellent success rate and superb ratings all round

Credit Saint review
(Image: © Credit Saint)

Our Verdict

Credit Saint has an excellent success rate, top customer reviews and clear, fixed pricing. Excellent support and a 90-day money-back guarantee all help to further add weight to this top service.


  • Superb results rate
  • Money-back guarantee
  • Truly unlimited disputes


  • Not cheap for top service

If you've built up too much debt and found yourself defaulting on payments, it may be time for a credit repair and Credit Saint could help you.

This has one of the best records out there since it got up and running in 2004, now boasting a 95% success rate. The New Jersey based company operates in 41 states plus Washington DC and offers a three tiered price plan so there should be something for everyone.

Credit Saint is a specialist in improving credit scores by disputing questionable negative items on a credit history. These include the likes of bankruptcies, late payments, collections and more. But beyond fixing these issues, Credit Saint also educates its customers to better help them in the long run.

There is a rolling monthly payment so you can cancel anytime, the initial consultation is free and once signed-up you get 24-hour access to your progress with in-house legal staff.

This very appealing service is one of the best out there, but is it best for you? Here's everything you need to know about Credit Saint. Not satisfied? Check out our entire list of the best credit repair services with services like Sky Blue Credit Repair or The Credit Pros

Credit Saint review: How much does Credit Saint charge?

  • Polish: $79.99 per month
  • Remodel: $99.99 per month
  • Clean Slate: $119.99 per month
Credit Saint: Key figures

Cost: $79.99 per month, $99.99 per month, or $119.99 per month. Initial fee of $99 for first two and $195 for last.

Customer service: 24/7

Contact: Phone, email, online chat

Credit report: Free

Credit Saint offers a three tiered payment structure which allows you to get what you need specifically. So for those with few credit issues, that just want a tidy up, there is the Polish tier at $79.99 per month after an initial fee of $99. This offers what the company calls a "Medium" level of aggressiveness.  

Next up is the Remodel tier at $99 per month after a "First Work Fee" of $99 which it classes as "High" aggression and features an escalated information request. 

The top tier is called Clean Slate which does what the name suggests, but you pay for it at a monthly fee of $119.99 after a First Work Fee of $195. This adds lots of features like covering judgements and bankruptcies too. There's also "Dispute Avalanche" which is, as you'd imagine from that name, pushy.

Credit Saint review: 90 day guarantee

  • Full refund
  • Deletions guaranteed

So confident in its own work is Credit Saint that it operates a 90 day guarantee. This is quite a rare thing in the world of credit repair. This is because it often takes months to see any changes made to a credit report and it's tough for companies to offer guarantees. 

Credit Saint is so sure of itself that if you don't see any deletions within the first 90 days then you get all your money back with a "full refund". While competitors do offer guarantees, none are as comprehensive or as specific as this.

Credit Saint review

(Image credit: Credit Saint)

Credit Saint review: Online updates

  • 24/7 access
  • 45 day cycles

Credit Saint works in 45 day cycles and uses an online account which allows you access to your progress 24/7. Of course since these changes work in cycles you can likely check back at certain times to see results. 

Not that you'll need to as you'll also be alerted to credit changes via email. But there are online educational resources available also, allowing you to stay informed and involved in the process. The aim here is to help you take action to better improve your credit score directly and in the future.

Credit Saint review: How does it work?

  • Three step process
  • Three credit reports every cycle

Credit Saint uses a simple three stage process to fix your credit. Initially, before committing at all, you can enjoy a free credit consultation over the phone. 

The first step includes a complete analysis of credit history, credit reports and credit score. You even get a plan on how to improve your credit score based on challenging the damage you disagree with.

Step two is when the credit bureaus investigate challenges received. This is when you will be able to work on your plan for building credit to boost your score.

The third stage is when the credit bureaus release new credit reports to show changes. This is when your online account will get updated so you can see the effects. Then new challenges are released and the process repeats until you're clean.

Credit Saint review: What's included?

  • Identity theft protection
  • Unlimited disputes

The Credit Saint offerings do vary from pricing plan to pricing plan but the basic minimal includes the below with extras shown in brackets:

  • Access to Credit Saint online
  • 90 day money-back warranty
  • Debt validation
  • Toll free phone support
  • Escalated information request (Remodel and Clean Slate plans only)
  • Dispute avalanche (Clean Slate only)

The following items are challenged:

  • Late payment
  • Identity theft
  • Charge-offs
  • Collections
  • Bankruptcies (Remodel and Clean Slate only)
  • Repossessions (Remodel and Clean Slate only)
  • Judgements (Clean Slate only)

Credit Saint review: What users say

  • ConsumerAffairs rating of 4.7 stars
  • BBB customer rating of A+

The BBB, aka Better Business Bureau, has awarded Credit Saint an A+ rating for the past ten years. An impressive rating indeed but since this is an accredited company perhaps that's to be expected. Of four customer reviews the average score is 3.5 stars.

The ConsumerAffairs rating is a near perfect 4.7 stars, thanks to thirty-eight 5 star reviews, four 4 star reviews, one 2 star review and three 1 star reviews.

Should I choose Credit Saint?

Credit Saint is a very impressive credit repair service that offers a tiered payment system to make sure there's a suitable level of service for varying types of customer. The 90 day money-back guarantee is a bold offering that shows the confidence of a company that has a strong 95% success rate track record and a stunning A+ rating from BBB. 

While tough to fault, this is a more pricey offering if you go for the Clean Slate option and that initial fee is steep. But with the level of service you get, including help at the end of the phone when you need it, this is easy to see why the prices are high.