This 8" Lenovo tablet is $60 this week only - perfect for keeping kids entertained

This 8" Lenovo tablet is $60 this week only - perfect for keeping kids entertained
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If you're looking for a cheap tablet deal to keep yourself, or your kids, entertained while stuck at home... Lenovo has an offer you might be interested in. For just $59.99 you can get hold of a Lenovo Tab E, 8-inch tablet. It's listed as $74.99 on the Lenovo website when you arrive, but we've got a special code that shaves an additional $15 off the list price. You need to enter the code: TABE8BLOWOUT at checkout. It's worth noting that Lenovo has already reduced the cost of the Tab E by $25, so you're saving $40 in total. That's a good deal, especially as most of the best tablets are very expensive, and probably unsuitable for younger users (especially if they're unsupervised).

The Lenovo Tab E has an 8" IPS touch screen, capable of displaying in 1280x800, which is HD resolution. It's actually a crisp, clear display, and everything you watch on there - like Netflix or Disney Plus - will be pin-sharp. It runs on the Android OS, and has 16GB of storage, which is more than enough for a bunch of apps, games, and TV shows. A 30-40 minute TV show is usually about 400MB at HD resolution, and most apps are less than 50MB via the Google Play Store, so that gives you an idea of how much space there is on the tablet.

Lenovo 8" Tab E tablet | Was $74.99 now $59.99TABE8BLOWOUT

Lenovo 8" Tab E tablet | Was $74.99 now $59.99
Save $15 on this superb little lightweight tablet. It has a great screen capable of displaying HD TV and movies, and plenty of room for games and educational apps. Enter the code: TABE8BLOWOUT at checkout for the discount.

The Lenovo Tab E has both a WiFi and Bluetooth connection, so you can hook it up to your router for internet access, and you can pair it with wireless headphones too. There's an audio jack input too, so you can use regular wired headphones too (again, if your child is using the tablet, you probably don't want them putting on your pricey wireless headphones or earbuds).

Finally, there's an 5MP rear and 2MP front camera. No, they can't hold a candle to the best smartphone cameras, but they're perfect for fun selfies or to use with any AR apps you might find. All in all, for $60, this is an amazing piece of tech.

The offer is valid until March 31, after which time, the price will increase. So it's worth getting one sooner rather than later. 

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