This cute mini-fridge is ideal for beauty products, baby's milk, or beer – and right now it's 20% off

CAYNEL Mini Fridge Portable
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Refrigerators aren't just for meat, veggies, orange juice, and eggs. They can be crucial for keeping medication at the right temperature or for keeping skincare products just so. Small ones enable you to do that when you travel, so you can cool pretty much anything: beer for a beach day or aftersun for cooling off afterward.

That's why this early Prime Day deal caught my eye. The Caynel 4L mini fridge is down from the usual $54.99 to just $43.99 on Amazon, a 20% savings. This isn't just a fridge. It's a warmer, too, so you can use it to warm up expressed breast milk for baby's feeds. That makes it a really versatile travel companion.

Five different cute colors are available here, and the discounted price applies to four of them: black, white, lime green, and pink. There's also a summery orange color, but that model is marginally more expensive—but still discounted—at $49.99.

CAYNEL Mini Fridge Portable | was $54.99 now $43.99 at Amazon (save 20%)

CAYNEL Mini Fridge Portable | was $54.99 now $43.99 at Amazon (save 20%)

This 4L mini fridge and warmer is extremely portable, coming in at just 7 inches deep, 10 inches wide, and 11 inches high. That makes it ideal for travel: it's big enough to cool (or warm) your essentials without being so big you'll wish you'd left it at home.

CAYNEL 4L Mini Fridge: Key features

Despite its small size and lightweight, this cute cooler is surprisingly roomy: you can use it to chill six twelve-ounce cans at once. And unlike many rivals, it has a trick-up sleeve. Because it uses a thermoelectric cooling system, it can warm and cool. For example, if you're a parent who wants to gently warm your baby's milk, then it's ideal for that. All you need to do is switch from cooling to heating, and you can then adjust the temperature to 140ºF. In cooling mode, you can chill down to 45ºF.

As this is intended mainly for travel, it comes with two power cables: one for the car and one for standard outlets. And its small size means it'll fit in really small spaces; compared to the average in-car cooler, it's tiny. 

The other big plus for this little fridge is that it's quiet. Thermoelectric fridges like this one don't use liquid in the cooling process, so they don't produce the bubbling noises that traditional refrigerators do. There's very slight fan noise instead, but it's a very low level, and there's a sleep mode that produces just 25dB of noise. That's roughly equivalent to gently rustling leaves and less noisy than the ambient sound in a typical rural area.

Refrigerator deals

Amazon Prime Day is 16 - 17 July 2024, and " hundreds of thousands" brands are expected to offer discounts. We anticipate early Amazon Prime Day mini fridge deals dropping at the beginning of next month.

Amazon has one of the widest selections of the best mini fridges, and Prime Day usually provides heavy discounts across the board. So we wouldn't be surprised to see plenty of choices on offer, just like we did last year. You just need to ensure you are signed up for a Prime membership.

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