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Total Gym XLS review

The glideboard Total Gym XLS could be the ideal home gym for those who on tight on space yet still want plenty of exercise options for full-body workouts.

Total Gym XLS review
(Image: © Total Gym)

Our Verdict

The Total Gym XLS is a foldable home gym that uses a glideboard and bodyweight resistance for over 80 exercises, making this ideal for those tight on space when working out at home.


  • Comes fully assembled
  • Over 80 exercises
  • Foldable for storage


  • 6'2" max user height

The Total Gym XLS is a glideboard style home workout center that uses bodyweight to create resistance, and as such can support over 80 exercises. The big appeal of this over any weights based machines in our guide to the best home gyms is that it can be folded away when not in use.

The pulley resistance also makes it a very safe way to exercise with minimal chance of injury. It's compact enough for even the smallest home workout spaces, and could be a great machine to add in for strength training if your cardio is already covered with one of the best treadmills or even one of the best exercise bikes for spin class workouts.

In our Total Gym XLS review, we look at the gym's overall design, including size, weight and maximum user weight, and its top features, including the range of exercises supported, to help you figure out if it's the right machine for you.


Total Gym XLS review: Overview

The Total Gym XLS is the more affordable of the brand's glideboard line-up, but we've also covered its top-end model in our Total Gym FIT review. The differences are minimal with the XLS working for users up to 6'2" and 400lbs with 80 workouts and the FIT working for users up to 6'4" and 450lbs with 85 workouts.

The XLS can take a little learning to get all the moves but thankfully it comes with guided videos to help you take full advantage of what's on offer. That should mean a full body workout right at home and without the need to mess about with weights. If you're interested in a Power Rods system instead, read our Bowflex PR3000 Home Gym review.

Total Gym XLS: Specs

Design: Glideboard

Weight: 83lbs

Exercises: 80+

Supported weight: Up to 400lbs

To get the most out of the Total Gym XLS, we recommend pairing it with an activity tracker so that you can monitor your progress and how hard you're working. Check out our best fitness trackers to find one that suits your goals. Apple, Garmin and Fitbit are some of the and most feature-rich trackers you can buy, and the latter are often on sale among our round-up of the best Amazon Prime Day Fitbit deals.

Total Gym XLS review

(Image credit: Total Gym)

Total Gym XLS review: Design

The Total Gym XLS weighs in at just 83lbs, which is very light for a full home gym workout system. This also folds up meaning it can be easily moved and stored so you don't require a whole room permanently dedicated to the gym in order to keep fit. If you don't want a folding gym, but still want something affordable, read our Marcy MWM-988 Multifunction Home Gym review.

The XLS unfolded is 19 x 90 x 43" and when folded is compact at 19 x 51 x 9". Despite being light, this unit is made from strong quarter-inch and two-inch tubing on the frame, which comes with a lifetime warranty. There is also a six month warranty on the parts. The unit is able to support users weighing up to 400lbs. 

This all looks good too thanks to chrome plated upper rails and powder-coated lower rails. The pulley system and cords are minimal to make sure it is easy to switch between exercises using the various grip options.

The base of the unit features wheels which help to make moving it about, when open or folded, which is super easy to do even with one hand.

Total Gym XLS review

(Image credit: Total Gym)

Total Gym XLS review: Features

The Total Gym XLS is able to offer six levels of resistance using your own bodyweight. This means there's a good range of exercise options enabling you to build muscle and strength. 

In total there are just over 80 different types of exercise supported here, focusing on a full body workout. The glideboard is used to offer head support as well as comfy cushioning for things like a bench press when lying on your back. The unit, which comes fully assembled, also comes with Total Gym TV Basic for video workouts on demand.

The Total Gym XLS has an improved squat stand footrest that ensures a no-slip surface. The pulley system has also had a lot of attention and as such is built to offer the most smooth resistance.

Total Gym XLS review

(Image credit: Total Gym)

Total Gym XLS review: Performance

That Total Gym XLS stands out from the competition by offering a larger gliderboard than most. This means far more supported workouts without the worry of falling off the edges. It also uses sturdy materials on that frame so that you don't get any wobble that might otherwise stop you from pushing your limits and those of the machine.

The improved pulley system is clear from the smooth action on the resistance, no tugging or variance between the top and bottom of the draw with this setup. 

Talking of setup, since this comes fully assembled that's not an issue. You can roll this into place, open from folded and get working, it's that easy. What's not so easy for anyone new to this is working out how to use it for all the moves. Thankfully that included video package allows you to learn and work with guidance right from the start.

Should you buy the Total Gym XLS?

With the Total Gym XLS is a great example of a glideboard gym with plenty of space, resistance levels and exercise options as well as that handy video guide to help even new users. This is also a great system for anyone that wants to save space in their home.

The downside is that you're limited by your weight, so if you're looking to bulk up in a big way this might not be for you. Anyone looking to tone muscle and build strength will be well served here. This isn't the cheapest glideboard option out there but that's because it's one of the best.

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