Troy-Bilt TB272BC XP Straight Shaft Brushcutter review

A brushcutter and string trimmer combo that can handle even the toughest of yard jobs.

Troy-Bilt TB272BC XP Straight Shaft Brushcutter on ground beside tester's feet
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The Troy-Bilt TB272BC XP Straight Shaft Brushcutter can do two things: trim long grass and weeds and clear out wild and invasive brush. It’s lighter than others like it on the market and is easy to start up, though prepare for it to be fairly loud and vibrate quite a bit. The brushcutter stands up to 1.5-inch-thick shrubs and trees, while the Click N’ Trim easy-to-load bump head on the trimmer lets you trim vines and small limbs quickly and efficiently.


  • +

    Starts up quickly

  • +

    Convenient handle and shoulder strap

  • +

    Brushcutter can cut through a 1.5-in. brush

  • +

    Click N’ Trim easy-to-load bump head on the trimmer


  • -


  • -

    Vibrates a lot

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Whether you’re tight on space or see the benefits of having one machine that can do two things, there is a lot to like about the Troy-Bilt TB272BC XP Straight Shaft Brushcutter. 

It’s designed with an engine connected to a shaft with two attachments – a string trimmer and a brushcutter. Since it’s gas-powered, you don’t have to worry about running out of battery as you clear away brush or trim long grasses and weeds. It may be loud and vibrate a bit, but at 13.5 lbs., this tool is on the lighter side compared to others just like it. 

Powering up the tool involves several steps, but at least the engine starts up quickly. You get 18 inches of swath cuts with the string trimmer and a Click ‘N Trim easy-to-load bump head. The 8-inch 4-tooth brush blade is made of steel and easily slices through vegetation.

Keep reading to see what we thought, and head over to our guide to the best electric weed eaters for more yard care solutions.

Troy-Bilt TB272BC XP Straight Shaft Brushcutter components unboxed

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Troy-Bilt TB272BC XP Straight Shaft Brushcutter: Key Specs

  • Type: a trimmer and brushcutter 
  • Fuel type: Gas and oil combination 
  • Fuel tank capacity: 14 oz. 
  • Length: 39 in. 
  • Weight: 13.5 kg
  • Brushcutter swath: 8 in. (brushcutter), 18 in. (trimmer)
  • Line diameter: .095 in. 
  • Cordless?: Yes
  • Warranty: 2-year limited 

Troy-Bilt TB272BC XP Straight Shaft Brushcutter: Pricing & Availability

  •  $199.00

The Troy-Bilt TB272BC XP Straight Shaft Brushcutter is well-priced, especially since it has two different attachments. It’s not the most expensive in the Troy-Bilt line, and on the wider market, it’s priced in the mid-range.  

We believe this garden tool provides great value for your money – especially when considering how heavy-duty the brushcutter and trimmer are, and the machine can fit other TrimmerPlus attachments, including a blower, hedge trimmer, pole saw, edger, and cultivator.

The Troy-Bilt TB272BC XP Straight Shaft Brushcutter is on the Troy-Bilt website or at The Home Depot, Tractor Supply Co., and Northern Tool + Equipment.

Troy-Bilt TB272BC XP Straight Shaft Brushcutter in box

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Troy-Bilt TB272BC XP Straight Shaft Brushcutter: First Impressions

The Troy-Bilt TB272BC XP Straight Shaft Brushcutter arrived in a package that was a bit beat up, but once we removed it from the box, it seemed to be in perfect working condition and well-made. 

Our reviewer had already tested a gas-powered Troy-Bilt pole saw in the past, so she was familiar with how to set it up. Assembly didn’t take long – it involved connecting the two shaft pieces and adding a shoulder strap and the handle. Overall, we assembled the machine in less than 15 minutes. 

The tool feels slightly heavier than 13.5 lbs, however, the shoulder strap offsets some of that weight. Troy-Bilt has other brushcutter-trimmer combos that weigh 19 lbs. so this one is fairly light. 

Troy-Bilt provides 2-cycle engine oil, so you only have to get a fresh gallon of gas to mix with it. Once mixed, simply pour it into the gas tank, and you’re ready to go. 

Troy-Bilt TB272BC XP Straight Shaft Brushcutter

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Troy-Bilt TB272BC XP Straight Shaft Brushcutter: Design

The Troy-Bilt TB272BC XP Straight Shaft Brushcutter has a solid design that makes it easy to change between the brushcutter and the trimmer. 

When putting together this tool, you can position the J handle at an angle that would be most comfortable for you. It’s designed to work for both right and left-handed people. Although the shoulder strap eases some of the load, don’t be surprised if your forearms are slightly sore the next day or tired easily, as the TB272BC XP Straight Shaft Brushcutter vibrates quite a bit. 

As a gas-powered brushcutter/trimmer, it takes several steps to start the engine. However, it powers up quicker than some gas-powered gardening tools that our reviewer has used. 

You can reach under shrubs, trees, fence posts, and other obstacles with a straight shaft. The brushcutter and the trimmer heads are narrow enough to get into tight spots. The Click ‘N Trim Bump Head makes it easy to load the bump head and continue trimming. 

You’ll need a wrench or a socket wrench and a screwdriver to switch between the brushcutter and the trimmer head. Switching out the different heads takes less than 5 minutes – probably 2-3 minutes once you’ve done it a time or two. 

You can adjust the speed depending on how tightly you hold the handle. Although it’s only a 27 cc, two-cycle engine, it has quite a lot of power.

Score: 4/5 

Troy-Bilt TB272BC XP Straight Shaft Brushcutter in use

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Troy-Bilt TB272BC XP Straight Shaft Brushcutter: Performance

Whether you have a massively thick brush in your yard or tall grasses you want to trim, the Troy-Bilt TB272BC XP Straight Shaft Brushcutter is up to the job. Our reviewer started with the brushcutter and went after an incredibly thick area of brush full of shrubs, small trees, and thick vines with thorns. 

The brushcutter carved up the vines like butter. It also did a great job cutting through small trees and shrubs, even slicing through limbs up to 1.5 inches thick. She appreciated the straight shaft design of the tool, as it gave her a good amount of length to reach under a lot of overhanging growth. 

The string trimmer did not disappoint either. It came pre-loaded with a reel of trimming line that’s quite durable. We didn’t need to bump the head that often to pull more line out, even when we trimmed more heavy-duty stuff. For the most part, we used the trimmer on small vines and tall grasses - however, we were surprised by how well it cut through small limbs and thinner shrubs, too.

The string trimmer will handle most jobs around the yard. Opt for the brushcutter if you need to clear away excessive brush growth, pesky shrubs, and small trees you no longer want. 

During our testing, we found the Troy-Bilt TB272BC XP Straight Shaft Brushcutter / String Trimmer quite loud, but that’s expected of a gas-powered garden tool like this. It also vibrates quite a bit, and even with the handle and the strap, it did make our forearms tire quickly and sore the next day. At least it’s lighter than many others within its category. 

Regarding storage, you could break down the brushcutter/string trimmer shaft if you were tight on space. We suggest cleaning the heads of the brushcutter and string trimmer after each use. Plants, limbs, vines, dirt, and leaves flew around during our testing and did make their way into the areas where the trimmer or brushcutter head fit into the shaft. 

Score: 4.5/5

Troy-Bilt TB272BC XP Straight Shaft Brushcutter viewed up close

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How does the Troy-Bilt TB272BC XP Straight Shaft Brushcutter compare to other models?

If you like the Troy-Bilt name, you may want to check out the TB425 XP String Trimmer – Brushcutter. It’s more expensive and heavier, but it eliminates the need for an oil and gas mixture, thanks to a 4-cycle engine. That type of engine should also result in less noise. 

Wild Badger Power also offers a lower price for a two-in-one brushcutter and string trimmer. The 52cc Gas 2-Stroke 2-in-1 Brush Cutter and String Handheld Trimmer has a better engine and claims to start within 5 pulls. It is, however, heavier, which can affect your ability to trim and cut brush. 

Today, brushcutter–trimmer combos can be powered by battery, too. Dewalt’s 60V MAX Brushless Cordless Battery Powered Attachment Capable String Trimmer Kit & Brush Cutter Attachment is more expensive, but the eco-friendly battery power and its lighter weight could make the price worth it.

Should you buy the Troy-Bilt TB272BC XP Straight Shaft Brushcutter?

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Price & availabilityWidely stocked; moderately high price point; oil included5/5
DesignEasily switch between brushcutter and string trimmer; suitable for light and heavy brush4/5
PerformanceAmazing brushcutting and trimming performance; convenient storage4.5/5

We liked that the Troy-Bilt TB272BC XP Straight Shaft Brushcutter offered two tools in one – and we were all too glad to discover that no matter if we were using the brushcutter or the string trimmer, they could handle the toughest jobs in the yard. 

Switching between the brushcutter and the string trimmer is easy, and they both cut effectively. In fact, the brush cutter easily handled 1.5-inch-thick limbs and vines, while the trimmer – which has a Click ‘N Trim bump head – easily cut through tall grass and small limbs. Suffice it to say weeds and tall grass are of no issue. You don’t need a lot of skill or know-how to use either of these tools. 

While the shaft vibrates quite a bit when powered on, the handle and strap will help fight against fatigue. At least it’s lighter in weight than other gas-powered brushcutters/trimmers. 

The Troy-Bilt TB272BC XP Straight Shaft Brushcutter is the right tool for most homeowners, even those who might otherwise ask for professional gardening assistance. You can do it yourself with an easy-to-use gardening tool like this. 

How we tested the Troy-Bilt TB272BC XP Straight Shaft Brushcutter

Our reviewer received and assembled the Troy-Bilt TB272BC XP Straight Shaft Brushcutter and tested it in various areas around her yard. She primarily used it to clear small and thick vines, brush-like shrubs, bushes, and trees and trim long grass and weeds. We tested the product’s full range of features so we could write an in-depth review.  

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