LG LW8017ERSM review

The LG LW8017ERSM window air conditioning unit capably moves air, circulating more than 220 cubic feet per minute around the room – that’s more than any other window AC unit we reviewed.

LG LW8017ERSM review
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This AC unit is a smart choice if you need to cool a large room of up to 340 square feet. In addition to being powerful, it has one of the best energy efficiency ratios we saw.


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    This window AC unit removes more moisture from the air than any other model we reviewed.


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    It is more expensive than other ACs we looked at.

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The LG LW8017ERSM can cool down a room really quickly and it also acts as a great way of removing excess moisture from your room. This model is also smart-enabled and can be controlled via LG's own app. 

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LG LW8017ERSM: Efficiency

This window AC unit also has an excellent Energy Efficiency Ratio (EER) of 12.1. In fact, the GE AEM05LX is the only window air conditioner we reviewed with a better ratio of 12.4. While the LG LW8017ERSM costs more to run than other AC units we compared, it isn’t because it’s inefficient. Rather, it is because it is more powerful and can cool a larger space than other models we reviewed.

The LG LW8017ERSM removes more moisture from the air than any other unit we considered: 2.2 pints per hour. This makes it a particularly good option if you live in a humid climate. Also, it has a dehumidify-only setting you can run to get rid of the moisture in the air without cooling the room.

This is a midrange window AC in the market at large, but it is one of the pricier units we looked at. It also costs more to run, with an estimated annual energy cost of $60.

LG LW8017ERSM: Convenience

The LG LW8017ERSM has a variety of modes, including an energy saver mode. The energy saver mode turns the fans off when the compressor is off. The fans and compressor then automatically cycle on and off together as needed to keep the room cool. It also has a sleep mode that slowly raises the temperature on the thermostat throughout the night to conserve energy and prevent you from waking up in an overly chilly room. This mode also keeps the compressor from overworking.

LG LW8017ERSM: Design & warranty

This product uses up to 8,000 British thermal units (Btu) – 1 Btu is the amount of energy needed to heat or cool 1 pound of water by 1-degree Fahrenheit. As such, the LG LW8017ERSM can cool a room of up to 340 square feet. The next most powerful unit can maxes out at 260 square feet.

It’s also one of the noisier window AC units we looked at when it runs on its highest setting. However, this is to be expected given its power.

This unit’s warranty covers all parts, including the compressor, for one year. This is a standard warranty in the industry and it provides essential coverage as you break in your new AC unit. However, it is far less generous than the best warranties, which cover the compressor for five years. You can reach LG by email, telephone, and live chat if you have questions about warranty coverage or anything else.

The LG LW8017ERSM has almost all the features we looked for in the window air conditioners we reviewed. Its EER is one of the best we saw, especially when you consider it can move 220 cubic feet of air per minute. With that kind of power, it can cool a big room of up to 340 square feet in very little time.

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