Linksys EA6900 Review

As the number of Wi-fi enabled household devices continues to grow, the need for fast, secure and feature-rich premium wireless routers is increasingly important.

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As the number of Wi-fi enabled household devices continues to grow, the need for fast, secure and feature-rich premium wireless routers is increasingly important. With both 2.4GHz and 5GHz bands, beamforming technology and the ability to operate on the new 802.11ac standard, the Linksys EA6900 provides network speed, stability and enough room to connect all of your household devices.

By making use of the 5GHz band and the new 802.11ac standard, the EA6900 boasts speeds of up to 1300 Mbps. Even the speed of the n-band is improved over the previous generation. Rather than being limited to 450 Mbps, this dual-band router allows for n-band speeds of up to 600 Mbps, which, along with the ac-band, makes for a combined maximum throughput of 1900 Mbps.

Like the best wireless routers, the EA6900 features quality of service (QoS). This allows you to make the best use of your network by prioritizing tasks that are more important to you. For example, you can prioritize a gaming console to get the best performance for online gaming or put a video streaming device first for buffer-free HD video.

On the outside of the device, you’ll notice three adjustable antennas for directing your wireless signal. While it appears that there are only three antennas, there are three more concealed within the chassis of the router.

Like most high-end wireless routers, the EA6900 sports four gigabit LAN ports, one gigabit WAN port and two USB ports (one USB 2.0 and the other USB 3.0). These ports give you several options for connecting gaming consoles, desktop computers or shared network devices like printers and external hard drives.

All premium wireless routers use WPA2 to secure their wireless networks, and the EA6900 is no exception. WPA2 is the most recent and secure encryption method for wireless networks, so you can rest assured that your data is as protected as possible.

The EA6900 also features SPI and NAT firewalls to ward off malicious attacks. These firewalls inspect all incoming packets and ensure that they are coming from a reliable source and do not contain anything harmful to your network devices.

The parental controls for this router are easily accessible via a browser-based configuration page. From this page, you can manage scheduling for specific devices, restricting internet access to specific times. To help keep your kids from viewing inappropriate content, you can also block specific URLs.

Linksys routers are easy to use. The EA6900 comes with a configuration disk, although it’s not required for set up. This comes with a preconfigured network with its information printed on a sticker on the device. You have to enter the printed password and follow a short browser-based initial configuration and you’re done.

An industry-standard, one-year warranty comes with this device and protects you against defects in workmanship and materials. Support for this device is easily found on the Linksys website in the form of downloadable manuals, FAQs and troubleshooting information. If you need to contact a Linksys representative, you can do so by phone, email or live chat.

Overall, the Linksys EA6900 is a fantastic device. It offers industry-leading speeds, solid security features and an easy set up. Linksys backs up this router’s outstanding performance with great support and a solid warranty. For these reasons, it’s one of the best premium wireless routers available and it’s a great way to improve the wireless network in your home.

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