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If your HR team is burdened with piles of paperwork or overwhelmed with the tasks of finding new employees, then outsourced human resource management might be a good choice for your company. Whether y


When you need to create a website, it's a good idea to choose a service, like SpaceCraft, that pairs its hosting service with a website builder. It offers the basic features you'd expect from a hostin


A website builder should have easy-to-use tools, customizable templates and a good program. If you are building a website for a business, you also need to consider marketing and analytic tools as well


Of all the medical practice management software available, drchrono's is, hands down, the easiest to use as soon as you log in. Not only are the calendars, appointment reminders, and other scheduling


SOAPware, a maker of medical records software (better known as EHR or EMR), also makes medical practice management (PM) software that offers the basics for scheduling, billing and coding. The medical


Whether it's your first business or your fourth location, you need a website so customers or clients can find you. One of the best ways to increase your online presence without spending too much is to


If your business has a narrow focus and your website doesn't require multiple webpages, Strikingly is an excellent choice for web design software. It favors a single-page, scroll-down design that's be


Due to Duda's extensive marketing toolset and superior web hosting package, this website creation software ranks relatively well in our lineup. Between the program's uncluttered interface, easy-to-use


With SpaceCraft, you can create websites quickly and easily. In addition to a strong web-hosting package with plenty of resources to support your users, this website creation software features drag-an

Five Strategies To Improve Your CRM System

The growth of communication technology, particularly in social media, has changed how businesses gain and keep customers. Blanket marketing has been replaced with customer engagement, which is highly

How to Convert More Leads with Your Real Estate CRM

As a real estate agent, you prosper or languish by how well you turn leads into clients. Customer relationship management (CRM) software can give you an advantage. With CRM software, you can record an

How Social Media is Changing CRM

Back in 2012, two popular CRM software companies, Oracle and Salesforce, started acquiring companies that monitor and interact with social media. They had seen the growing trend of consumers using ve


Fattmerchant is a credit card processor in Orlando, Florida that provides merchant accounts and payment gateway services to small businesses. Along with Payment Depot, it's one of the few credit card


Fattmerchant is an Orlando, Florida-based company that offers credit card processing services to small businesses. Like Payment Depot, Fattmerchant uses a membership-based pricing model. It offers thr

How to Choose the Best Accounting Software for Your Business

Accounting software is an important tool for nearly every business because it records transactions, generates invoices and reports, and many programs automate repetitive tasks such as emailing payment


Mitel's MiCloud Office is one the best cloud-hosted phone systems for small businesses. The system offers a host of calling features, a variety of collaboration tools and seamless integration with mob


What makes Ooma Office ideal for very small businesses is the two types of systems it offers. In addition to a traditional phone system that works with desktop phones, Ooma offers a virtual system tha


Grasshopper is one of the best virtual phone systems because it gives small businesses an easy way to provide employees with some of the valuable phone system tools they need, without having to instal


FreedomVoice is one of the best phone systems for very small businesses because it offers both virtual services and cloud-based phones systems that are designed especially for companies with just a ha


RingCentral Professional is one the best virtual phone systems. It's easy to use and affordable, with a ton of valuable features. The system is ideally suited for businesses with a remote workforce, o

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