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Five Strategies To Improve Your CRM System

The growth of communication technology, particularly in social media, has changed how businesses gain and keep customers. Blanket marketing has been replaced with customer engagement, which is highly

How to Convert More Leads with Your Real Estate CRM

As a real estate agent, you prosper or languish by how well you turn leads into clients. Customer relationship management (CRM) software can give you an advantage. With CRM software, you can record an

How Social Media is Changing CRM

Back in 2012, two popular CRM software companies, Oracle and Salesforce, started acquiring companies that monitor and interact with social media. They had seen the growing trend of consumers using ve


Fattmerchant is a credit card processor in Orlando, Florida that provides merchant accounts and payment gateway services to small businesses. Along with Payment Depot, it's one of the few credit card


Fattmerchant is an Orlando, Florida-based company that offers credit card processing services to small businesses. Like Payment Depot, Fattmerchant uses a membership-based pricing model. It offers thr

How to Choose the Best Accounting Software for Your Business

Accounting software is an important tool for nearly every business because it records transactions, generates invoices and reports, and many programs automate repetitive tasks such as emailing payment

How to Find a Phone Service Provider for Your Small Business: Asking the Right Questions

We've prepared this worksheet to help you keep track of the questions to ask (and the responses) when requesting personalized quotes and information from phone service companies. Fill in the informati


OnContact is a customer relationship management (CRM) solution that offers almost all the features that the best CRM software for Macs offers. Whether you're on a sales team, in the IT department or a


The top CRM software for Mac includes features you didn't even know you needed, such as workflow automation and competitor-comparison tools. Although Pipedrive doesn't give you those features, it mana


Insightly isn't the easiest customer relationship management (CRM) platform to use, but it certainly isn't difficult. Setup is as simple as it gets, because the program walks you through performing ta

Cole Lists

Cole Lists allows you to make fast and easy lists, albeit without many options to narrow down your target audience. You can instantly order a list using the company's website, and it includes 100 reco


LeadsPlease is a highly professional list broker service that serves up multiple business and consumer lists with minimal headache. While it lacks many of the services that other list brokers on our l

Exact Data

Exact Data is a list broker service that lets you craft your ideal customer prospects list, or, as another option, it gives you a selection of consumer and business lists to choose from. This company

List Giant

List Giant is a list broker service that’s convenient and easy to use, with all the right tools to help you compile a targeted consumer or business list for your direct marketing campaign, which

Mailing Lists Direct

Mailing Lists Direct is a list broker service that's home to an elaborate list customizer that can help you craft the ideal list for your direct marketing campaign. It uses many unique criteria to com


Ximble is intuitive employee scheduling software by Nimble Software Systems. It has all of the features we looked for in a scheduling service, though a couple of these services come at an additional c


Deputy provides some of the best employee scheduling software available. It’s easy for both administrators and employees to use and has a comprehensive feature set for setting up your schedule a


Homebase is all-encompassing, highly accessible and easy-to-use employee scheduling software. It has every feature we looked for in our review of scheduling programs and performed well in our propriet

T3 Direct Marketing

T3 Direct Marketing is a call center that helps you build relationships with existing and potential clients. It's based in California, and it works with clients in the U.S. and Canada. When you first


DialAmerica is based out of Mahwah, New Jersey. It has numerous call centers located throughout the U.S., including Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, Athens, Georgia, and El Paso, Texas. It offers both inbou

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