Web conferencing services are online programs that link computers from all over the world. Participants to these conferences can view the exact screen of the host, or simply view slide shows. It is an ever-growing technology that gets better and better as the world turns. There are many benefits in using this new meeting tool. We have listed just a few benefits, when in all reality there are an innumerable amount of reasons why you should start web conferencing. It might even save the planet, if you calculate all the empty airplane seats that might be spared.

Record your meetings

You ll never have to repeat yourself again. With web conferencing software, you can record your meetings. These recordings can be kept in a database and referred to for months. Future employees or clients will be able to access these recordings whenever needed. If you or other people miss meetings, they can log into the services and view it at their leisure. This will also enhance following-up tactics with commitments given in the meetings. All of the information in these meetings will now be kept for future references. Should the need arise, you could record the meeting and translate the comments for employees or clients that do not speak English.

Get to know your company

If quick results are what you want, then web conferencing may be your best resort for feedback from your employees. Through an online meeting, you can create surveys that each participant must fill out. The results for these surveys are posted as the surveys are completed. You can choose to post the results, or keep them private. Another great tool that web conferencing services provide is a whiteboard. This enables hosts and participants to communicate through hi-lighting and drawing tools. These whiteboard tools can be done on a white sheet of paper, or onto the screen shared by the host.

Improved training experiences

Training new employees can be fun, or a pain in the neck. By using web conferencing services, you ll be able to train hundreds of new employees. They won t need to be crammed into one room in an unknown environment. They can sit at their own desk, or home, and view your personal instruction. This may be more effective for them, but be sure to have web cams installed so you can monitor their alertness. Trainees will also have easy communication tools in case they run into troubles or have questions.

Promote brainstorming

Getting everyone to participate in meetings can be a tough skill to master in the world of business. By using web conferencing services, you can track the amount of input that each user contributes. Most of the top-rated services will assign certain colors to the participants of the meetings. This will help you and others see which participants make certain hi-lights or chats. Some web conferencing services even provide fancy tools that participants can use to notify the online meeting host, such as raising your hand.

Unite distant offices

In some cases, your company may have various branches located throughout the country, or even the world. Web conferencing services provide a common link that all can access for quick and effective communication. There are many benefits for using web conferencing to communicate with others. You can transfer files, view presentations, receive instruction and so on. It is probably the most effective way to receive hands-on instruction at this time.

Speed project completion

How does sitting at your computer waiting for emails sound? Better yet, how does waiting at the mail box for a presentation or demo DVD? Web conference providers will enhance the communication between project managers and the labor monkeys. Workers will be able to provide screen-to-screen communication. This enables them to also present their status on current projects. Some services will even allow hosts to connect with the computers of participants and complete unfinished tasks.

Provide the best IT support

How many times have you heard,  Can t you just do it ? Now you can! Some of the leading competitors in web conferencing services allow users to remotely access other computers around the globe. This means that the host can get into the computer of another user and accomplish the necessary tasks. This will greatly enhance technical support satisfaction with customers. No more hassles with repeating confusing instructions. Your customers will be able to watch you fix the problems they have on their computer, or you can demonstrate on your own computer and then they can do it with you. It s that easy.

Spread breaking news more effectively

A great way to communicate with others is to do it personally. The myth of not being able to be in two places at once has been busted. Web conferencing services allows your face to be viewed, in real-time, all over the world. Video conferencing greatly enhances the web conference experience. By using web cams, hosts and participants can look into the eyes of each other and effectively break good or bad news. It may not be the best way to communicate, but it sure beats an email. Besides, participants want to hear the emotion in your voice and face when they hear the bell-ringers.

Extend the company s reach

The best way to ignite growth in a company is to extend the roots. Web conferencing provides a simple way for people to communicate from all corners of the earth, as long as there is an internet connection. Most of the top-rated web conferencing services provide video, telephone and chat as communication tools. Another great thing about using these programs to communicate with others is that you don t have to lug a lap-top around to present your computer and its programs. Screen sharing is a very easy-to-use tool that will benefit you greatly.

There are rarely any fees involved for telephoning. We all know how expensive a long-distance call can be. If you calculate in the amount of people you d like to talk to plus the cost of a long-distance phone call with each person, the expenses can add up. Web conferencing software provides a flat-rate payment and will cost much less than calling each person individually.

More talk, less travel

If a child grew up completely engulfed in the business world, his first words would most likely be,  time is money.  In most cases, a successful business thrives off of communication with several different parties. Travel expenses can add up very quickly, not to mention the time involved in traveling. The majority of business trips are spent in the airport or hotel room. Imagine a way to subtract the taxi cab, layover, hotel room and traffic jam. It would be a good day. You could host a meeting, or attend one, without having to leave your desk. Web conferencing provides a way to effectively meet with large amounts of people without having to check the odometer. By using web conferencing services, your travel expenses can take a hike. And you can forget about cutting your meetings short because you have a plane to catch.

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