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3dcart Review

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PROS / This company offers unlimited email accounts and top-notch customer support.

CONS / Bandwidth is limited to 4GB.

 VERDICT / 3dcart offers every feature we looked for in eCommerce software, is easy to use and has stellar customer support, making it the best eCommerce software in our review.

3dcart eCommerce software helps you create and manage a successful online store. The plan we reviewed includes all of the features we looked for in our review, and this platform provides excellent customer support and is easy to use. Because of these factors, 3dcart has earned the Top Ten Reviews Gold Award for best eCommerce software.

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  2. 1 3dcart
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Plan Details

We reviewed 3dcart’s Starter plan. This plan is one of the most competitively priced in our review, and there is no setup fee or transaction fees you have to worry about in addition to the monthly fee for this service. Remember that you will likely need to pay a processing fee to your payment gateway so that you can process credit card transactions, however.

The Start plan has no limit to the storage available for your site, which is helpful if you have a lot of information you want to include on your site. You are limited to 4GB of bandwidth, however, so higher-quality images and videos might not load as quickly with 3dcart as they might with a company that offers unlimited bandwidth. 3dcart’s Starter plan has a limit of 1,000 products, so if you need to add more products, you can look into other 3dcart plans.

Hosting & Website Tools

We didn't find 3dcart's eCommerce website builder the easiest to work with. Its drag-and-drop capabilities make it easy to move elements within the template, but you can only input the information and change the look via the admin panel. In some cases, it takes more steps than other eCommerce solutions we reviewed. However, once you are used to it, it's not difficult. You can edit your website with an HTML editor and CSS editor, and changing text and images is fairly easy once you get used to the process.

3dcart is versatile, with over 50 templates and customization tools to make a unique storefront. This company can also provide you with a unique domain to help you build your brand. 3dcart has a built-in blog feature that not all eCommerce software provides. This is a great feature for adding new content to your website, which can help you gain favor with search engines and attract customers. Being built-in means you don't have to worry about working with a blogging platform or changing its template to match. If you like WordPress, however, you can integrate it with 3dcart to sell products on that site as well.

This eCommerce platform has a content delivery network, or CDN, which means that your site is available on more than one server. When your customers look at your site, they load it from the server closest to them, which can help your site load faster even if it has a lot of traffic.

Shopping & Market Conveniences

Online shoppers increasingly prefer using their smartphones to browse the internet and shop online. When we tested each company’s checkout processes, we considered how easy it is to complete a transaction via a mobile phone and with a desktop computer. 3dcart earned a high score from us for its easy checkout process. It works well on mobile devices, and your customers can check out as guests or with PayPal if they choose to do so.

3dcart works with more than 100 payment gateways. This is helpful if you currently have a payment processor that you want to continue to work with, as it is likely to be on the list of integrations. If you want to keep your processor, be sure it is on the list. If you don’t have a preference, you can peruse the list to find the processor that works best for your online business.

To reach a wider customer pool, you can translate your language into different languages other than English. This is especially helpful if you serve a global market.

A useful feature offered by 3dcart is its store plugin. If you already have a website, you can use 3dcart’s software on your existing website to accept payments without having to create an entire online store from scratch, which can save you time and money.

Back Office & Security

When you first sign up for this service, you’re greeted via email and telephone by a live, dedicated representative that offers you assistance with configuring the 3dcart platform while you build your online store. If you have any questions while using this eCommerce solution, you can contact your support representative by email, telephone and live chat. The website also contains a large selection of resources that include video tutorials, a forum, FAQs and a knowledgebase.

3dcart’s SSL encryption is the standard 256 bit, and the site is PCI complaint. In addition, this platform offers fraud detection to help protect your business. You can also take advantage of 3dcart’s built-in POS system, which is an especially helpful feature if you have a brick-and-mortar store in conjunction with your online store.

You can create and use as many email accounts as you’d like with 3dcart’s Starter plan. This is a feature most eCommerce platforms no longer offer, or, that offer is extremely limited or costs extra. 3dcart is one of only three companies on our lineup that offers unlimited email accounts with your online store at no extra charge.


3dcart earns the Top Ten Reviews Gold award for the highest-quality eCommerce software. It offers access to excellent customer support that goes beyond the usual technical help, and its platform is easy to use when you build a website and when your customers check out from your site. Additionally, this is the only product in our review to offer every feature we looked for in eCommerce software. However, if you have a large amount of high-quality images or video content, the limited bandwidth may slow your site down, which might potentially be frustrating to customers. If the bandwidth isn’t an issue for you, 3dcart is an excellent choice if you need to create your own online store.