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The Best List Broker Services of 2017

Connecting With Potential Customers Has Never Been Easier

The Best List Broker Services of 2017
Our Ranking List Broker Services Price
1 Prospects Influential GO
2 Borelli Direct GO
3 1000Lists GO
4 BB Direct GO
5 That List Lady GO
6 DirectMail.com GO
7 Infogroup Targeting Solutions GO
8 Caldwell List Company GO
9 US Data Corporation GO
10 National Data Group GO
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List Broker Services Review

Why Use a List Broker Service?

Reaching potential customers and marketing a business is crucial for any company to be successful. Many companies, both large and small, are using the postal service to market their business. By sending mailers, you can get into a person’s home and market your company without an extensive amount of work and effort. List brokers provide the mailing lists you need to target your customers. These services provide contact information for targeted customers or businesses. They can help you filter lists based on a variety of factors, including location, household demographics, household or business income, and business industry.

Marketing list broker services, such as our top three products Prospects Influential, Borelli Direct and 1000Lists, have access to thousands of lists from databases and list owners. These companies offer a variety of list types, such as email, international and local lists.

Compiled and response mailing lists are two well-known list options and available from most list brokers. Information for compiled lists is gathered from sources such as telephone books, censuses and annual reports. These lists are ideal if you are looking for a mailing list of a consumer’s ethnicity, location, age, etc. Response lists, on the other hand, are created from information provided by the consumer. People submit this information when they take surveys, submit magazine subscriptions or purchase items online. Response lists can be particularly beneficial if you are looking for a mailing list for potential buyers of a product.

When using a list broker service, be cautious you are not receiving an old and expired list. Many companies verify each list on a regular schedule to ensure the provided information is correct. The frequency of each list update differs depending on the type of list. A list where information is changing constantly, such as household demographics, will need updating much more frequently than a list with, for example, consumers' ethnicity. For more information, check out our articles on list broker services.

Mailing List Broker Service: What to Look For

When looking for the best mailing list broker, you want a company that provides a variety of list types and filters and ensures the information is current and correct. You will also want a company that is willing to work with you and assist you with any questions or concerns you may have regarding the mailing process.

Here are the criteria we used to evaluate these services.

List Types & Filters
Most list brokers offer a variety of list types, including response and compiled lists. However, as you choose a mailing list broker service, you will want to keep in mind your target audience. If you wish to reach nonprofit organizations or customers and business overseas, you want companies that offer nonprofit and international lists. Additionally, many companies also offer email list management and telemarketing options so you can reach customers via email and the telephone as well.

Setting filters on your lists helps you narrow your audience down to those you wish to reach using your mailing campaign. Look for companies that have access to several databases and can provide you contact information for target consumers and businesses.

Additional Features
When working with a list broker service, many of the best companies will work with you from the very beginning to find the best list for your needs. You may have too narrow or broad of a target audience, and these companies can help you find that perfect niche for your particular business. Additionally, look for a company that will work with a business of your size. Some list broker solutions may only work with larger and more established companies.

Help & Support
Finding the perfect mailing list is crucial for your mailing campaign to be successful, so it is important that the mail broker service provides the help and support you need throughout the process. Look for companies that offer several options for reaching a representative, including email, telephone and live chat. Furthermore, online resources such as FAQs, articles and videos can be valuable to help you address many concerns.

Mailing list broker services can help you find the customers that will make your business successful. With the help of such a service, connecting with potential customers has never been easier.