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SEO Tools Review

Why Use SEO Tools?

SEO toolkits can help you manage your search engine optimization efforts for your website or blog. These toolkits are generally offered online, and the best companies offer a range of SEO management tools together under one roof. Having help with your SEO efforts can save your company from being penalized by search engines like Google for using black hat practices. Plus, these tools can save countless hours for you and your employees.

No SEO tool can, or should, promise its use will take your website to the top of the search engine page rankings. However, the best SEO tools can help you increase your website's value, which in turn helps increase your ranking in search engines. The tools that we liked best are Moz, Raven Tools and Web CEO Online. For more information about increasing your website's visibility check out our articles on SEO tools.

SEO Tools: What to Look For

When you are in the market for the best SEO keyword tools, it can be difficult to find a suite of tools that offers everything you need to manage an SEO campaign. We have found the highest quality toolkits to help you on your journey to an optimized web presence. Here are the most important features you should look for in a set of SEO tools.

Keyword Research
Knowing the words your audience uses to search online is an extremely important aspect of SEO. SEO tools that help you research and find the most frequently used keywords in your industry can help you use terms with the highest search volume, so that you don't waste time optimizing your content for phrases that do not generate traffic. The best SEO tools provide keyword generators and keyword ranking tools to help pinpoint your niche market. All SEO tools should provide some type of keyword tracking feature to help you monitor your keywords.

Link Building
Links from other websites are crucial for search engine optimization because they help search engines see your site as relevant and reliable. The best SEO tools help you find sites that can provide trusted, high-quality links that will drive traffic and lend authority to your website. They also provide tips how to best optimize your links. Look for SEO tools that provide link analysis and link tracking.

Competitive Analysis
The best SEO tools will help you investigate your competition in great depth, comparing your inbound links, keyword targets, traffic and search engine rankings with other sites in your market. By giving you insights into your successful competitors' methods, these SEO tools help you model your campaign after other sites that are already successful in the areas you are targeting to improve. Not all toolkits offer these kinds of analysis.

Reporting & Tracking
The top SEO tools will allow you to create custom reports and include your logos on them, but all of the tools reviewed in the lineup have some basic form of reporting. Look for SEO tools that offer reports on keyword effectiveness, link performance and your site's visitor to customer conversion rate.

Because accurate, thorough reports are essential for making business decisions, look for reports that can help you optimize your site's existing content by highlighting areas in your site that need improvement and finding potential missteps that will result in a Google penalty.

Help & Support
SEO is a complex topic, so helpful customer service representatives and thorough documentation are necessities. Look for campaign management suites with active communities, blogs, FAQs and readily available support through the phone and social media.

The best SEO tools will help your site become more visible to internet spiders that crawl the web searching for the relevant search terms you use on your website. It's important to find a toolkit that will allow you to optimize your keywords, manage your SEO efforts and bring relevant hits to your website.