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Best Paper Shredders Review

Paper shredders help eliminate waste around the home and office environment, but they do more than just that. They offer a way to protect classified and sensitive information from falling into the wro

Best Laser Pointers Review

Laser pointers serve several purposes. You can use them at office meetings to highlight important parts of presentations or at home as a high-tech toy for feline companions. Their powerful lights reac

Office Supplies Online: Printer Buying Guide

With so many different types of printers out there and office supplies online to make the purchase easy, it can be difficult to figure out what kind to buy. You don’t want to spend $500 on a fa

Bring Your Office Supplies to Life

Anyone who lives in an office environment has probably come up with many creative ways to pass the time and break up the monotony of mouse clicking and keyboard crunching. Our top-rated site for offic

Recycling Your Used Electronics

In the 21st century, recycling is hardly a new idea. We are all aware now that our consumption of disposable products is a big problem for landfills, and in the long run it will become an issue of res

Office Supplies: Your Employees Literally Can't Work Without Them

Office supply stores today sell more than just traditional office supplies. Our top three sites for office supplies online – Office Depot, Staples and Office Max – have all expanded their product inve

Recycled Office Supplies

The springtime has a lot of us appreciating the sights, smells and sounds of the great outdoors. Since the industrial revolution, manufacturing has been nature’s enemy. It’s only in recent years that

Setting Up a Home Office

Take it from someone who’s been working from a home office for years—there’s a technique to setting up a home office. Before you buy all of your office supplies online, here are some tips to help you

New Year, New Chair: Comfortable Office Supplies

It’s a new year and many of us are making resolutions about what to do differently in 2010. Figures show that Americans spend over $4 billion every year treating back pain. A lot of that pain can be a

Five Gift Ideas from Online Office Supply Stores

Five Gift Ideas from Online Office Supply Stores Looking to avoid the crowds by shopping online? You’re in luck! Many stores are offering special deals for online shoppers during the holiday season. O

Online Office Supplies Shopping Tips

Buying office supplies online saves you the trouble of time spent on trips to the store and carrying heavy boxes. Shopping online for office supplies makes the process easier, whether you are looking

Common Office File Formats and Extensions Explained

It’s a familiar scenario to anyone who’s spent time writing a college paper, updating a resume or bringing work home for the weekend: you plug in a USB memory stick to open a document and

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