We picked the online office supply stores in this guide based on their selection of products and variety of services; their reward and discount programs; the quality and availability of their customer support; and the versatility, cost and ease of use of their payment and shipping methods. We didn’t include department stores that only sell a few office supplies and instead chose companies that make office supplies their primary focus. We included a mixture of companies that only supply businesses and those that also offer their products to the general public. You can find a selection of articles full of useful information about office supplies here.

There are countless websites that sell office supplies, but not all of them are reputable or offer quality products and services at fair prices. Companies you can rely on provide durable, functional products and outstanding customer service so you shop with confidence whether you’re buying for a small home office or a large organization. Because the companies we included vary so much in terms of who they cater to and the products they offer, we identified the standout brands for home users, schools and teachers, and businesses using the criteria set out above.

Best Online Office Supply Store for Homes

Staples is our recommendation for the best office supply store for homes and families because of its wide variety of products. It has a vast selection of electronics, office furnishings and custom printing services that make it a valuable company for large, small and home businesses, but it also has a large stock of family-friendly and student supplies. In addition to all of the usual office and grade-school supplies, you can find the extras college students need as they prepare to leave home for the first time, including bed linens, storage totes, dorm room furnishings and dinnerware. The company also has bulk discounts and reward programs that can help busy families save money on school and office supplies throughout the year.


Staples carries a wide variety of products in a number of categories, including a lot of family- and student-oriented products. In addition to selling supplies for students and small home offices, Staples has products and services for medium, large and enterprise-level businesses such as electronics, furniture, custom printing and technology services, and mailing and shipping equipment.

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Best Online Office Supply Store for Schools & Teachers

Quill stocks plenty of office supplies for businesses, but it is our first choice for schools and teachers. It offers a variety of products and has a robust discount and rewards program, including bulk discounts and coupons, as well as teacher discounts. This company carries a lot of school supplies, including desks and chairs suitable for early learners and college students, and you can find comfortable and practical teacher tables and chairs, too.

This company features dedicated educational purchasing solutions and bulk-buying programs to help reduce the costs for many essential school and office supplies. Quill also sells furniture, safety equipment, food service supplies, janitorial equipment, healthcare supplies and industrial supplies in bulk, so it is a one-stop shop for schools.


Quill is an online-only office supply company with a user-friendly website; a large selection of educational supplies; and a heavy focus on rewards, coupons and deals. In addition to selling a variety of stationery, paper, cardstock and other general office supplies, the site stocks furniture, electronics, cleaning supplies and break room products for businesses of every size.

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Best Online Office Supply Store for Businesses

Office Depot is the top online office supply store for businesses because it carries products for businesses of all sizes. The breadth of its products and services is impressive, and the company has a solid discount program, bulk discounts, coupons and wholesale accounts. The company’s online store stocks business necessities beyond paper, toner and pens. You can buy products like security systems, software, computer hardware and cash registers.

In addition to the products it carries, Office Depot offers customizable services. For example, you can use its printing service for fliers, business cards, banners, signage and event tickets. You can also purchase custom items for marketing campaigns such as bags, mugs, apparel and wearable technology. Other service packages include secure document shredding, technical support and repair, and SquareTrade product protection plans. Businesses can also take advantage of special financing options.

Office Depot

Office Depot has a sleek, user-friendly website that’s easy to navigate, and its product selection is extensive. The store carries plenty of school and office supplies like pens, paper and binders, along with filing systems, desks, ergonomic chairs and electronics ranging from small USB flash drives to large enterprise-level printing equipment. It also sells security cameras and smart security systems for home and business customers. Earth-conscious consumers have access to a large selection of green office products, including paper and cleaning supplies.

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Product Selection

The online store you choose to order from should have an extensive list of products. For convenience, the website should offer the products and services your business needs immediately and those you envision you may need in the future. This way, you can stick with the same company for many years and take advantage of bulk discounts, reward programs and subscription orders.

Businesses that only need the basics like stationery, paper, ink and toner can shop almost anywhere. On the other hand, those that needs industry-specific equipment should choose an office supply store that can be a one-stop shop. Some carry electronics like printers, mobile devices and audio-visual equipment, and further, some sell supplies specifically for restaurant and industrial professionals.

As you choose a store, consider the scale of your needs – a single home office is better off sticking with an online retailer that sells products in small quantities, while big offices can save a lot of money when they buy from companies that sell exclusively in bulk. Some stores even offer subscription discounts for buyers who sign up to receive the same supplies on a regular basis.

Payment & Shipping Methods

The office supply company you choose should support the payment methods and shipping options that make the most sense to your business, school or home. Click and collect and local store pickup are convenient options for busy professionals and families who want to pick up their items on their commute or when running other errands. Some online office supply stores offer next-day delivery or free delivery when orders exceed a certain dollar amount.

Payment methods vary between companies, but some include PayPal or MasterPass alongside standard credit and debit card payment options. Further, some accept gift cards and allow you to redeem reward points for online purchases.

Customer Support

First-rate customer service is one of the hallmarks of a reputable company. The online office supply company you choose should offer multiple contact options along with readily available help or FAQs pages. Some companies have 100-percent satisfaction guarantees or time-limited money-back guarantees.

Be sure to check a company’s return policy before you make a purchase, as some have specific terms. A few only provide store credit for certain returns, and not every online store with physical locations allows in-store returns.

Rewards & Discounts

Many of the top online office supply companies have discount or reward programs. Some reward programs give you cash back, while others are points-based. In loyalty point programs, you receive a specific number of points per dollar you spend. These points accumulate, and you can redeem them for discounts on purchases. Certain companies have reward and discount programs aimed specifically at schools, teachers and businesses with a set number of employees, while others have programs open to everyone.

Some stores offer bulk discounts, so the more of a product you order, the less you pay per unit. Store-brand discounts and customer reward programs also help you maximize savings, as do email coupons and offers.