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With FundAnything, you can use crowdfunding for personal reasons, including such various reasons as medical bills or vacations. There is no restriction or stipulation on the reason for your campaign. Funding primarily comes from friends and family or community members interested in helping you reach your goal. You keep all the funds you raise even if you do not reach your goal.

When FundAnything says you can fund anything, that is what it means. Outside of illegal activity, you can create a campaign for any reason. Campaigns include creative art projects, funding to write a novel, planning a birthday party or cross a dream destination off your bucket list. You simply create a listing where your campaign can be reviewed and to which people can donate. After you create your listing, you can share it to Facebook and other social media so your friends and family can donate, and your listing stays on the FundAnything website where others can view and contribute to your goal.

Some crowdfunding websites are all-or-nothing, so you have to reach or exceed your goal to receive your funds. FundAnything is not all-or-nothing, so you receive anything that donors decide to contribute. This personal crowdfunding site utilizes PayPal or Stripe, though you cannot use both services. When you receive a donation, the funds automatically transfer to your payment account.

As with all crowdfunding sites, there are fees associated with receiving funds for your campaign. FundAnything charges 9% of the funds you raise, which in itself is a higher fee than many other service charge. However, as long as you reach your goal, you'll receive a refund of 4%, making this crowdfunding service's fees a standard 5%. Additionally, both PayPal and Stripe charge 2.9% of your payments plus $0.30 per transaction. Three percent is a common processing fee in this industry.

To repay your donors, you offer rewards depending on how much they contribute. Rewards vary and may include public shout outs on social media, t-shirts, CDs or original copies of your creations. You decide what the rewards are, and what you offer adds appeal to your cause and encourages people to donate, especially people you may not know.

FundAnything offers a crowdfunding platform where it is free for you to post a campaign, advertise and allow donors to contribute to your cause. There is no limit to what your campaign is for. You repay your donors with rewards you establish. Minus applicable fees to FundAnything and your payment processor, you keep all of the funds you raise whether or not you reach your goal.