Pros / You can access Prizmo from your desktop, iPad or iPhone.

Cons / It does not integrate with Microsoft Office applications.

 Verdict / While this OCR software for Macs does not retain its formatting when you export it to a Word document, it is both easy to use and accurately converts PDFs to editable text.

Prizmo optical character recognition (OCR) software works exclusively on Apple products, including many iPad and iPhone devices. You download the software onto the device(s) you plan to use. However, you must purchase the Prizmo Pack, a combination of Mac and mobile device downloads, in order to access your files on different devices. Unfortunately, the software only works on Mac computers and Apple devices. The company does not currently have plans to make a version for Windows.

Compared to other OCR programs on our list, Prizmo excelled in usability and consistently converted files with a high accuracy rate. While you must download the software to each device you use, the ability to access files from anywhere makes this a versatile option. We found that the program's setup wizard was useful when we were first learning how to use the software.

We converted several documents with images, tables and complex formatting. Prizmo's OCR function consistently accurately converted files while maintaining the correct document formatting. However, the software does not directly convert a file from PDF to Microsoft Word. Instead, if you are using that word processing application, you must first convert it to an RTF or TXT format and then save it as a Word document. As such, this method does not retain formatting. If you need to convert files to Microsoft Office formats, this software is not ideal. As we discovered while testing Prizmo, the protracted conversion process affected the accuracy of the files that were scanned. As a result, we gave Prizmo a lower accuracy score.

This OCR software app has editing tools to help deskew images and correct warping and other distortions. These tools improve the conversion process. The program recognizes 10 different languages, and you can install up to 30 more languages.

You can convert digital documents, photos of text documents, mobile device images and scanned documents. For multipage documents or multiple text documents, the software offers batch OCR functionality to speed the process while still maintaining high degree of accuracy. The program integrates with several cloud services, including iCloud,, Dropbox and Google Docs. This also helps if you want to access documents from a different device.

While we found the program easy to use, it has numerous support options you can turn to if you need help. The company's website hosts video tutorials, user guides and manuals. It has frequently asked questions and a knowledgebase as well. If you need to contact technical support, there is an email address listed on the website.

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While Prizmo is easy to learn and offers a quick OCR solution, there are several features that limit its usefulness. The software only works on Apple products and does not directly integrate with Microsoft Office. While there is a workaround, the accuracy of the document decreases. If your company works exclusively with Macs, this is one of the best OCR software for Macs available.

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