WordPerfect has been around for decades, and it is trusted by users all around the world. This office suite carries a moderate to high price tag, depending on whether you choose the Home & Student, Standard, or Professional edition. While each one is a fully functional office suite, there are considerable differences in features and restrictions among the three software packages.

The Home & Student package, for example, only includes the bare essentials, like the word processor, spreadsheet, slideshow creator, photo editor and notebook software. It does include the online training videos, but it doesn’t give you any advanced features like PDF importing, document review or SharePoint support. The other packages are more comprehensive and do let you import PDFs. These suites may also support PDF form creation, integration with Microsoft SharePoint and metadata removal. Some also feature extra software, including WordPerfect eBook Publisher, Corel ScreenCap, Paradox database management and Roxio Secure Burn.

This office suite is compatible with Microsoft Office files, including the earliest file formats from Microsoft Office version 1.0. It offers compatibility with more than 60 file types, including Microsoft Word, Excel and PowerPoint. You can also export HTML and HTML5 files. Some suites have template previews and over 150 free templates, including advanced options such as APA and MLA templates. You can open multiple documents within a single WordPerfect window for easy organization.

Notably, this software doesn’t have its own sharing functions, multi-device flexibility or collaborative usability. To access documents across multiple devices, share files with others or collaborate on documents with colleagues, you’ll need to make use of the Microsoft SharePoint compatibility. There is an iOS app available that converts WordPerfect documents into an iPad-compatible format. While you can’t edit from this app, you can share the original document in HTML or plain text format for simple mobile sharing.

Licensing for WordPerfect is quite restrictive. Depending on the edition you choose, you may only be licensed for a single user on one computer. For the business and professional suites, you can purchase additional licenses and save money by purchasing the licenses in bulk.

Customer support for this software includes live chat, support tickets, email and phone. You’ll also find a learning center that has video and photo tutorials for both basic and advanced use and troubleshooting.

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