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Pros / The system includes a mobile app that tracks employees' GPS location every 10 minutes while they're on the clock.

Cons / This software doesn't integrate with physical time clocks.

 Verdict / TSheets has an impressive feature set and is easy to use. It's a great option for businesses wanting a web-based time tracking and management system.

TSheets is a time tracking and management software application that you and your employees can access from any browser or from the company's mobile app. The mobile app is notable as it includes GPS tracking. Your employees can clock in and out using the app or by text, tweet or phone call. This software integrates with popular payroll and accounting systems, including QuickBooks, Xero and Paychex. For its comprehensive time tracking features, ease of use and mobile capabilities, TSheets earns the Top Ten Reviews Silver Award.

This company is one of the few time tracking systems in our review that posts its pricing online. You pay a base monthly subscription for this software, plus a small monthly fee for each employee. You can add TSheets' scheduling software to your plan for an additional per-user monthly fee. You can pay either annually or monthly, though the annual option is more cost effective.


TSheets is a very simple program to figure out. The interface is clean and free of unnecessary buttons and tabs. The virtual timesheets are very straightforward to use, which is especially important if you have employees with varying computer skills. If you need help setting up or learning the system, TSheets offers free professional training and setup via telephone and live chat.

It also provides an extensive online knowledgebase that makes learning the system on your own much easier. Using this system, your timecard information is hosted and backed up on the company's servers.

Time & Employee Tracking

TSheets has employee portals that allow your workers to manage their timesheets and time-off requests on their own. You can track individual assignments and the time your employees spend on various tasks to ensure they're productive while on the clock. The system tracks personal time off and sick day accruals. You can use this software as an hours tracker for both hourly and salary employees.

TSheets offers a capable timesheet app for both iOS and Android devices. With it, you can access a variety of employee and administrator features. You can set up the system to let employees clock in using the app or text messages, and this feature includes support for changing job codes if your industry determines time and pay based on different projects. Employees can also call in via phone or use Twitter to clock in and out via tweet.

You can use the app to view and edit timesheets for each of your employees. It tracks and records their GPS location every 10 minutes while they're clocked in, regardless of cell signal strength. This can be a beneficial safety feature if your workers travel long distances as part of their jobs. For businesses with employees who work as a crew under a supervisor, the timesheet app allows supervisors clock in and out for the entire crew or for individual members from a single window.

Administrative Controls

TSheets allows you to customize your pay rules and policies. It integrates with a variety of top payroll and accounting systems, including QuickBooks, Xero, ADP, Gusto, Paychex and more. This software is compliant with Defense Contract Audit Agency regulations and has a built-in audit trail that records the time tracking details that the government requires for its contractors, including all changes and modifications have been made to your timecard data.

You can set up the system to notify employees when they're approaching overtime, and you can also alert managers or administrators with this information. It alerts you if any punches have been missed. The notifications can be sent through email, Twitter or in a text message. The software includes an in-and-out board that shows you which employees are clocked in, their total time on their shifts and which projects they're currently working on.

The system lets you set up access controls for each employee. You can set clock in and out locations or devices to specify where and how your employees can log their time. Setting access controls also lets you choose which features in the software each of your employees can view and edit, based on his or her job position.

This time tracking and management software offers many payroll report options. You can view various details of employee time records, such as overtime or daily hours. If you've given your managers timesheet approval permissions, they can approve submitted timesheets one at a time or in a batch at the end of each pay period. If the manager spots an error on a timesheet that an employee needs to fix before it can be approved, he or she can send the employee an email directly from the system.

Help & Support

If you need help setting up or using this time and attendance system, TSheets has an extensive knowledgebase on its website that includes FAQs and a user guide that walks you through basic features and processes. You can reach support personnel via phone, email and live chat, and we found them to be very knowledgeable, quick and eager to help. This support is included at no cost to you any time after you purchase TSheets. This is important to note since some services, including our top-ranking time and attendance software program, offers a limited amount of free technical support.

Equipment Integration

You can use the system on any computer with browser access or on a mobile device using TSheets' mobile app. For businesses where employees have easy access to a computer or are able to use personal mobile devices, the lack of integration with physical time clocks may not be a drawback. However, if you need dedicated time clock hardware, you may need to consider another option.


TSheets' time tracking and management software is a great choice for businesses of all sizes wanting a web-based solution with mobile access. It's feature-rich and easy to use. With it, your employees can clock in and out using a variety of different methods, including through the browser or app, via text, tweet or phone call. The company's mobile app offers real-time updates on employee locations using GPS mapping while employees are clocked in. It integrates with popular payroll and accounting systems and is compliant with DCAA regulations. Customer support is included at no additional charge. It doesn't integrate with physical time clocks.

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