How big of USB flash drive do I need?

How big of USB flash drive do I need?

One of the most important considerations when purchasing a USB flash drive is size.


 Size of USB  Photos Songs 

Video (Minutes) 

1 Page Word Document 

 256 MB  Up to 600  Up to 60  Up to 80  Up to 10,000
 512 MB  Up to 1,200  Up to 120  Up to 160  Up to 20,000
 1 GB  Up to 2,400  Up to 240  Up to 320  Up to 40,000
 2 GB  Up to 4,800  Up to 480  Up to 640  Up to 80,000
 4 GB  Up to 9,600  Up to 960  Up to 1,280  Up to 160,000
 8 GB  Up to 19,200  Up to 1,920  Up to 2,560  Up to 320,000

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