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Arris Motorola SB6183 Review

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PROS / If your internet provider can give you very high speeds, this cable modem can handle them.

CONS / This modem runs hotter than any of the others we tested.

 VERDICT / The SB6183 is a good choice for you if you have access to very fast cable internet plans.

The Arris Motorola SB6183 is similar to the Arris Motorola SB6141. The major differences lie in the design and capabilities. Thanks to the SB6183's 16 x 4 channel bonding, you can get impressive download speeds. This cable modem also has compatibility with many cable internet providers, though not as many as the best cable modems on our lineup have.

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The SB6183 is compatible with three of the four largest cable internet providers in the United States. It should work for you if you have Comcast, Time Warner Cable or Cox. Unfortunately, the SB6183 is not listed on Charter's modem compatibility list. Beyond the four largest internet providers, the SB6183 should also work with Bright House Networks, RCN and Cable One.

  1. What percentage of the 10 largest ISPs this modem works with.
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  2. 6 Arris Motorola SB6183
  3. 95%
  4. 95%
  5. 85%
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With 16 channels for downloads, the SB6183 can give you access to maximum theoretical download speeds of 686 Mbps. This is impressive, but you'll only get speeds that fast if your internet provider has tiers of service that high. Also, you'll never get the maximum theoretical speed, because it doesn't account for network congestion or overhead. Still, with the proper setup, the SB6183 can give you access to download speeds of more than 500 Mbps.

We were impressed with this DSL modem's performance in almost every category. At 29.6 seconds, it was the fastest cable modem to go from an unpowered state to fully functional. The Netgear CMD31T took the longest, 46.5 seconds. Unfortunately, the SB6183 also runs hotter than every other modem on our lineup. The modem's housing averaged 102.4 degrees Fahrenheit during our testing. You want your electronics to run cool. Hot electronics usually don't last as long as ones that run cool.


The Arris Motorola SB6183 is a good cable modem that can give you access to very high internet speeds. However, it runs hot and isn't compatible with as many cable internet providers as the top modems on our lineup. Still, the SB6183 has the fastest boot-up time out of any of the cable modems we reviewed. This is a fast and capable internet modem, but it isn't a good fit for everyone.

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