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Pros / This cable modem has a good design that promotes airflow for cooling.

Cons / You can't use this cable modem with Comcast or Time Warner Cable.

 Verdict / The Cisco DPC3010 is a decent cable modem that suffers from an overall sense of being good enough but not exceptional in any areas.

Cisco's DPC3010 is a good DOCSIS 3.0 cable modem that suffers somewhat because it isn't compatible with a wide variety of cable internet providers. It has 8 x 4 channel bonding, which will give you access to fast internet speeds, and it has certificates from both CableLabs and UL. While this internet modem may not be for everyone, it still has a lot to offer the right people.

Anyone who subscribes to cable internet from Charter or Cox – two of the United States' four largest cable internet providers – can use the DPC3010's full capabilities. Unfortunately, the DPC3010 isn't on Comcast or Time Warner Cable's modem compatibility lists. This cable modem also works with several smaller cable internet providers, namely Mediacom Cable, Suddenlink Communications and RCN.

We were impressed with the DPC3010's design. While there are some cable modems that may be more aesthetically pleasing, the DPC3010 is sturdy and has plenty of ventilation to keep the device's internals cool. The DPC3010 has the highest score we gave for design. Even with plenty of ventilation, the modem's housing averaged a hotter temperature than average. At 94 degrees Fahrenheit, it runs considerably hotter than the best cable modem on our lineup.

Cisco provides a one-year warranty with the DPC3010. That gives you plenty of time to notice any factory defects. Even though some manufacturers offer longer warranties, that's not really a big deal with cable modems. Essentially, if your DSL modem works well for the first two weeks, it's likely to work well for at least the next two years. Should you have any issues, you can contact the support team via email.

  • Overall Compatibility
  • Max Theoretical Download Speed
  • Build Quality
  • Boot Time
  • Average Device Temperature
  1. What percentage of the 10 largest ISPs this modem works with.
    Higher is Better
  2. 7  Cisco DPC3010
    45.0 %
  3. 95.0 %
  4. 95.0 %
  5. 85.0 %
  6. Category Average
    62.0 %


The Cisco DPC3010 isn't the best cable modem for everyone, but it can be a good choice if you subscribe to Mediacom Cable's internet service. This is a cable modem that will work, but other modems outshine it. There's nothing particularly wrong with the DPC3010; it just doesn't have the range of compatibility that higher-ranked modems do.

Cisco DPC3010 Visit Site