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Pros / This modem boots up quickly.

Cons / You won't find this modem on Charter's compatibility list.

 Verdict / The D-Link DCM-301 is a good choice for people who subscribe to Comcast, Time Warner Cable or Cox.

D-Link's DCM-301 is a good cable modem that gives you access to fast download and upload speeds. However, it isn't compatible with as many cable internet providers as the higher-ranked DSL modems on our lineup. The DCM-301 features strong performance, including one of the fastest boot-up times we recorded. In short, if this cable modem is compatible with your internet provider, then it should prove to be a good choice. Just keep in mind that it's missing a couple of things that you'd get with the very best cable modems.

Three of the four largest cable internet providers in the United States list the DCM-301 on their modem compatibility lists. That means if you use Comcast, Time Warner Cable or Cox, then the DCM-301 should work for you just fine. Unfortunately, Charter subscribers won't find the DCM-301 on their provider's compatibility list. In addition to the largest four providers, this cable modem works on Bright House Networks, Suddenlink Communications and RCN.

You can get impressive download and upload speeds with the DCM-301, as long as you subscribe to a fast enough plan from your internet provider. The DCM-301's maximum theoretical download speed is 343 Mbps, and the upload speed is 131 Mbps. You won't ever hit the theoretical maximum, because it doesn't take network congestion or overhead into account. However, if your provider offers very fast internet plans, like 250 Mbps, the DCM-301 should give you access to most, if not all, of that speed.

We were impressed with the DCM-301's boot-up time. It took this cable modem an average of 30 seconds to go from unpowered to fully functional. That's very close to the fastest time we recorded out of all of the internet modems on our lineup. The DCM-301's operating temperature was close to the average of the products we tested. At 93 degrees Fahrenheit, the modem's housing isn't as cool as the best cable modem on our lineup, but it's also not the hottest. Generally, cooler is better for any electronic device.

  • Overall Compatibility
  • Max Theoretical Download Speed
  • Build Quality
  • Boot Time
  • Average Device Temperature
  1. What percentage of the 10 largest ISPs this modem works with.
    Higher is Better
  2. 4  D-Link DCM-301
    70.0 %
  3. 95.0 %
  4. 95.0 %
  5. 85.0 %
  6. Category Average
    62.0 %


The D-Link DCM-301 is a good cable modem that will work well for anyone who uses Comcast, Time Warner Cable or Cox. If you subscribe to a high-tier plan, you can expect this modem to give you access to very high speeds. Of course, you should double-check your provider's compatibility list to ensure it supports the DCM-301, as those lists do change over time. With good speeds and a fast boot time, the DCM-301 is a good pick.

D-Link DCM-301 Visit Site