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Zoom 5341J Review

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PROS / This cable modem has a power button.

CONS / It runs somewhat hot for a cable modem.

 VERDICT / The Zoom 5341J is a good cable modem that will work well for most people with Comcast, Time Warner Cable or Cox.

The Zoom 5341J offers compatibility with most of the major cable internet providers. Its good performance, adherence to standards and excellent design make this cable modem a viable option for your home network. The 5341J does have some drawbacks to consider, though. Perhaps the most important is that it runs hotter than other cable modems.

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While the 5341J doesn't have the near-universal compatibility of the top two products on our lineup, you can still use this modem with three of the United States' largest cable internet providers. Comcast, Time Warner Cable and Cox all have the 5341J on their compatibility lists. In addition to those three large providers, the 5341J should also work with Bright House Networks, RCN and Cable One.

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Thanks to the 5341J's 8 x 4 channel bonding, you can get maximum theoretical download and upload speeds of 343 Mbps and 131 Mbps, respectively. Naturally, you won't actually see speeds that fast in the real world. Network congestion and overhead will conspire against you. Still, the 5341J should be able to handle internet plans that get up into the 250 Mbps download range without much trouble.

This is one of the quickest cable modems we reviewed. It took, on average, 29.8 seconds for the 5341J to go from an unpowered state to fully functional. That's the second-fastest measurement we recorded, beaten fractionally by the Arris Motorola SB6183's 29.6 seconds. For comparison, the slowest internet modem on our lineup took 46.5 seconds to reach full functionality.

Unfortunately, this is also one of the hottest cable modems we reviewed. The 5341J's housing had an average temperature of 97.9 degrees Fahrenheit. This isn't alarmingly hot, but it means that the modem isn't handling the electricity it draws very efficiently. That can lead to a shorter lifespan for the device.

One thing we really like about the 5341J is that it has a power button to toggle between on and off. This can help you save money on your electric bill. Every little bit can help, especially when most households have many different devices that need to be plugged in or charged. The 5341J also has a reset button, which is nice when you need to troubleshoot any network problems.


While the Zoom 5341J may not be the very best cable modem on the market, it still has plenty to offer. It's compatible with many different internet providers and can give you access to very fast internet speeds. The hardware buttons for power and reset help set this cable modem apart from the others. Some drawbacks, like the high operating temperature, need to be considered, but the 5341J is a good option for most people using Comcast, Time Warner Cable or Cox for internet access.

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