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D-Link Wireless N150 DIR 601 Review

PROS / The D-Link Wireless N maintains a light carbon footprint.

CONS / There are no guest network or parental control features.

 VERDICT / The D-Link Wireless N is a secure home router that supports multiple VPN pass-through sessions.

Among wireless routers, the D-Link Wireless N150 is very good. D-Link has designed the product so that it has a light carbon footprint. It powers down a port when there is no link. It budgets different power outputs based on different Ethernet cable lengths. The power adapter is Energy Star qualified and users can schedule the local area network to shut down when it is not being used. D-Link’s green initiative also supports the European RoHS directive to restrict the inclusion of hazardous materials. And the packing box is from recyclable materials.

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The D-Link Wireless N150 uses single-stream 802.11n technology, which is much faster than the previous wireless G technology but it has less capacity than the 300Mbps version. Client devices that conform to previous Wi-Fi standards can connect to 802.11n routers. Because it is among the class of home wireless routers with design tradeoffs to support affordability, the wide area network port that connects to the internet and the four ports that support local area networking are Fast Ethernet ports, not Gigabit Ethernet ports. If you are not going to need internet phone or stream high-definition video, the performance of the D-Link Wireless N150 is adequate.

  1. Mbps theoretical data rate
  2. 9 D-Link Wireless N150
    150 Mbps
  3. 300 Mbps
  4. 300 Mbps
  5. 300 Mbps
  6. Category Average
    225.00 Mbps

The firewall uses Network Address Translation to protect the networked devices behind a single IP address visible from the internet. The firewall also uses Stateful Packet Inspection, a technology that detects whether a hacker initiated a particular stream of network traffic. Encryption in the form of Wireless Equivalent Privacy supports the client devices previous to the 802.11n generation. The router also supports Wi-Fi Protected Access (WPA and WPA2) to provide the most powerful encryption. For telecommuters, this router supports multiple VPN pass-through sessions to connect home users to corporate networks.

The product includes a setup CD for Windows users and an option to configure via browser. A Wi-Fi Protected Setup button greatly facilitates the process of securing client devices to the wireless network. Support for Universal Plug and Play (UPnP) makes it easy to connect multimedia players.

D-Link supports the Wireless N150 Home Router with a one-year warranty and one year of 24/7 telephone support. The D-Link website contains blogs and frequently asked questions.


The D-Link stands ready to connect 802.11g and n clients to the wireless n standard, which is much faster than the g standard and provides better reception and wireless coverage. If you are considering home wireless routers and you don’t anticipate using internet phone and you don’t need to stream high-definition video throughout the household, this D-Link is fine.

D-Link Wireless N150 DIR 601 Visit Site