Pros / This Medialink n router provides above-average security and a powerful firewall.

Cons / It is not a 300Mbps router and only has one internal antenna rather than two.

 Verdict / If you are looking for a 150Mbps router with the ability to configure powerful security options and usage policies, this router will satisfy.

Editor's Note: This review has been removed from our side-by-side comparison because it no longer ranks as a top 10 product. The original review is below, but check out our current top 10 reviews on Wireless Routers here.

Medialink's wireless n router is the only 150Mbps router that compares to our top-rated devices. This IEEE802.11n router provides excellent security options by including a variety of encryption methods, static or dynamic IPs, a stealth SSID mode and a built-in firewall. This wireless router is simple to set up; however, if you happen to need help they are quick to respond to emails. Medialink answered our first email inquiry within the same day.

This wireless router will be an attractive addition to your home media center; it is black with sleek curves and blue indicator lights. It supports one WAN port and four 10/100Mbps LAN ports. With these ports you can connect up to four devices by Ethernet lines and more wirelessly. It has one integrated, omni-directional, internal antenna, and it supports auto wireless channel selection. A few features that kept this router out of the top spots are that it does not support upload and download speeds of 300 Mbps and it only has one antenna.

This wireless router is an IEEE802.11n router that is backwards compatible to support g, b, 3 and 3u standards as well. It has four 10/100Mbps LAN ports and one 10/100Mbps WAN port. It can provide up to 150Mbps download and upload speeds, and the web interface is compatible with Firefox and Internet Explorer. It works utilizing the 2.4GHz Wi-Fi radio frequency band, and it supports wireless roaming technologies. This Medialink router also supports virtual servers and DMZ hosts. It can also manage bandwidth demands using Quality of Service (QoS) technology.

This wireless n router provides exceptional security options for home and small office wireless networks. It supports WEP, WPA and WPA2 encryption schemes as well as pass phrases with up to 63 ASCII characters. Advanced security options include the ability to configure the radio preamble, the 802.11g/n range, the fragmentation threshold and the RTS threshold.

Other security options include the ability to filter clients, enforce usage policies, block URLs and block IPs or IP ranges. The usage policies have the ability to allow internet access to specific devices only during certain times of the day, and it you can turn it off or on remotely. This is useful, for example, if you do not allow your teen internet access while you are at work, but on occasion want the option to allow him an hour or two, as he needs it.

This Medialink wireless n router is plug-n-play and comes with an installation CD. You can easily follow the EZ-Connect setup wizard and have your devices connected in a matter of minutes. If you need to configure advanced security options or user policies, you can consult the 116-page user guide that covers all topics extensively. This router can easily be set up to work with a cable or DSL modem. It can also be configured to work with a static IP address, which is common for business connections. Adding new devices and PINs is also simple. The router is straightforward, and if you have ever installed a router before, you likely will not need the instructions to install this router for the first time using the preset configurations.

We found this router uncomplicated; however, if you need assistance you can contact Medialink by telephone or email. The technical support they provide by telephone is stateside and available Tuesday through Saturday. We contacted them by email and received a response on the same day, which is faster than many hardware companies. Online they post FAQs, an installation guide and a complete user manual. We consulted the manual often and found it quite thorough.

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This attractive 150Mbps wireless n router is perfect for those who want custom security options and exceptional firewall protection. It is simple to connect to a cable or DSL modem and comes with a one-year warranty. Medialinkoffers fast and relevant support for this great router option for homes and home offices.

Medialink High Speed Wireless N MWN-WAPR150N Visit Site