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The Best Laptop Bags of 2017

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Laptop Bags Review

Why Buy a Laptop Bag?

Laptop bags are a veritable prerequisite for owning a laptop computer. Not only are they convenient accessories that enable you to tote your computer anywhere you go, but they also offer protection against bumps, scrapes and other kinds of damage. As easy a task as it seems, finding the best laptop bag for your specific needs can sometimes be a challenge. We've gathered information on some of the most popular brands and configurations in one place, from manufacturers like Samsonite, JanSport and Timbuk2.

Laptop Bags: What to Look For

There are vast varieties of laptop bags for innumerable purposes. Before you buy, think about how you will use it. Also, consider how frequently you plan to transport your laptop, and where. If you're the outdoorsy type, seeking out the best laptop backpack money can buy will keep your computer safe in wet or rugged environments. If you travel a lot by plane, finding a bag with a TSA-friendly design can help you fly through security checkpoints. Some laptop cases are big enough to double as overnight bags that will fit perfectly into overhead airplane compartment bins. Here are four key elements that we think are the most important things to look for when shopping for laptop bags: protection, convenience, comfort and style. 

To meet the basic requirement of adding a protective buffer between your fragile laptop and the harsh, unforgiving world, look for laptop bags most likely to provide fortification from injury and outright destruction. Granted, even the most heavily padded laptop in the world can suffer irreparable harm if you drop it from a moving car or hurl it against a brick wall – but well-made laptop bags will survive a range of common scenarios.

The best laptop bags don't just get the job done, they also offer varying levels of convenience. You'll find 17-inch laptop bags with enough space to let you pack an assortment of power cables and mini-speakers and still leave room for a tablet and a cell phone. Maybe even a sandwich or two. There are canvas messenger bags with pen pockets galore, or slender carrying cases lightweight enough to strap on your back as you bike to your destination. Whatever your needs are, it's remarkably easy to find a good match.

If you're going to spend money on a laptop bag, don't skimp on comfort – especially if you plan on using it often enough to notice any shortcomings with respect to how it feels in your hands or how it rests when slung over your shoulder. As you shop for laptop bags, look for models that aren't just functional, but that are also comfortable to wear and handle frequently.

Ultimately, for as functional and comfy as your laptop bag may be, one fact remains: You're going to have to be seen with it in public. In that case, you might as well choose one that looks good on you. For this reason, we've presented an assortment of bags of varying styles. Some of them bear the signature mark of simplicity. Others scream professional, while still more reflect the classic elegance inherent in designer laptop bags. You're sure to find the one you think will most fit your personal sense of style.

Buying a laptop computer is a serious investment. So is buying a laptop bag. Just as you wouldn't lay down your hard earned money for a new laptop without doing a fair amount of research, you also shouldn't snatch up the first laptop bag your eyes fall upon. Take some time to pick the one that fits your unique needs. That way, you can own something you won't want to replace in a few months' time.