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Pros / The fans can move around to match your laptop's configuration, and it has adjustable fan speeds.

Cons / The fans aren't encased and could potentially be damaged if the cooler were handled too roughly.

 Verdict / The grated design and dual fans will keep your laptop cool, but because the fans aren't encased, it's harder to take with you on the go.

TopTenREVIEWS - Excellence Award - Awarded for excellence in design, usability and feature set

Editor’s Note: This product has been removed from viewing as part of this site because has been discontinued.

The Rosewill RLCP-11003B laptop cooler is one of the most sturdy coolers out there. Its solid aluminum structure is lightweight and extremely durable. Adjustable fan speed is a unique feature this cooler has that not many others do.


The Rosewill RLCP-1103B laptop cooler is a dual-fan laptop cooling pad that dissipates heat well. The fans have a power switch, which makes it much easier to turn the fans on and off because you won't have to plug and unplug the USB cord. This notebook cooler has adjustable fan speeds. Not many other products have adjustable fan speeds, and you will like having that control because the fans are quieter on lower speed settings . When the fans are turned up completely, they are pretty loud. The sound isn't overbearing, but it is noticeable. The fans have a maximum decibel level of 28. When the fans are on medium and low speeds, the decibel level can range from 0-20, which is on par with the sound level of the best laptop cooling pads. Plus, the fans don't need to be on high to keep your laptop cool. These fans move air at a rate of up to 50 CFM (cubic feet per minute). This is great for dispelling hot air away from your laptop.

You can reposition the fans to different spots on the cooling pad, so you'll be able to maximize the cooling based on your laptop's specific design. The fans are on a track, so they are fixed along one axis, but you can slide them up and down. This is the only laptop cooler we reviewed with adjustable fans like these.

This cooler is the only one that offers four extra USB ports. USB ports are valuable, and this laptop cooler goes above the average to give you more ports than other units we reviewed. The cooling pad includes a USB cord with two different connectors that vary in length, so no matter where the USB ports are on your computer, you will be able to plug the cooler in. The cooler has storage space to hide the cords when they aren't in use.


The angled design is comfortable for typing and operating your laptop. If you use this cooling pad on your lap, it may feel a little awkward at first. After a few minutes of use, however, you'll grow accustomed to it. Whether you use it on a desk or on your lap, there isn't any prominent discomfort from using it.

This Rosewill laptop cooler's aluminum structure is lightweight, durable and sturdy Additionally, the structure allows for excellent air ventilation. Its slanted shape creates open air space, and it has a grated frame, both of which contribute to efficient air circulation.

This laptop cooler is one of the largest we reviewed. It measures 15.7 inches and is capable of comfortably holding a 17-inch laptop. There is a little overhang no matter what size your laptop is, but it's not annoying or uncomfortable in any way. This device has a little rubber strip along the bottom to keep your laptop in place, so you won't have any problems with your laptop slipping of the pad.

This laptop cooler is lightweight and made from durable materials, so it should enjoy a long life, even if you drop it. However, despite its lightweight and durable construction, this may not be the best cooler to transport with your laptop from one location to another – mostly because the fans are not encased and could be damaged if you were to haphazardly throw the cooler in a bag with other items.

Help & Support

You can return or have this laptop cooler repaired within the first 30 days of use. This device has a one-year warranty. You can contact Rosewill by filling out a form on the company's website. Representatives replied to our inquiries within a week and answered all the questions we asked. The company's contact options are limited, but the representatives we contacted were incredibly competent and thorough. Additional resources include a FAQs page and online user manuals.


The Rosewill laptop cooler is one of the largest coolers we reviewed. It is the only one with fans that you can conveniently relocate to cool your laptop in the most effective way possible, and the grated design allows for excellent ventilation. This cooling pad is slightly angled to be comfortable when you're typing. It has adjustable fan speeds and a power switch. It will quietly keep your laptop cool and prevent it from overheating.

Rosewill RLCP-11003B Visit Site