Pros / This hub is moderately durable and has every feature we looked for.

Cons / Syba lacks sufficient customer service.

 Verdict / The USB hub itself is powerful, but very little support is provided for it.

The next USB hub on our lineup contains all of the necessary hub features, a decent amount of durability and a somewhat limited array of customer support options. Syba, this product’s manufacturer, has only recently come to the States, bringing with it years of manufacturing experience and successful business practices. This powered USB hub is admirably constructed, including every feature we looked for, but it underperforms in the other categories, pushing it down in our rankings.

Syba Tech Ltd. Is an electronics manufacturer based in Asia, stretching from Hong Kong and Taiwan to China. In 2001, they expanded their operations to the Western Hemisphere, seeking to promote their technological advancements to the world. Their dedication to device quality is apparent and admirable, but they fall short in other crucial areas, like customer service and durability.

Hub Features

The Syba USB hub contains every feature necessary for a high-quality connectivity device, providing seven USB ports in a solid and portable package. Each port is compatible with both USB 2.0 and USB 1.1 technologies, allowing you to connect any USB enabled device with no complications. It is not compatible with USB 3.0, so some very new devices will not work properly with this hub. A cable comes with the device, permitting you to connect and use this hub right out of the box. It also includes a power adapter for additional energy, should you need to connect several power-hungry devices.


Syba’s USB hub is compact, solid and portable, like many of the devices in this comparison. This model is made almost entirely out of plastic, making it less physically durable than others, though it still performs admirably. The ports are spread out more efficiently in the device, making it less likely to overheat and fail. Its design is more focused on visual appeal than functionality, which can look almost gaudy in comparison to other devices. The ports function well with peripheral devices, though occasional difficulties with iPods have been reported. On the whole, it is electronically sound, with very few customer reports of device failure.

Help & Support

This is the category that we felt Syba’s USB hub performed most poorly in. The only avenues available for customer support are email addresses and telephone numbers. We were disappointed that their FAQs section contained only generic help with no questions directed to this USB hub in particular. We were also surprised to discover that no user manual is included with the device, even though proper operation of these devices requires little in the way of documentation. They do provide a lifetime guarantee for the USB hub, however; this was the only impressive component of Syba’s overall lackluster customer service.


The USB hub itself is functional and durable, but we were unimpressed by Syba on the whole. The standard set of features and moderate durability cannot compensate for the poor customer service. The lifetime warranty makes this hub slightly more appealing, but you’d be better off taking a look at some of our top-rated hubs for a more complete package.