When searching for a metal detector, you should consider the strength of the device's signal, whether or not the detector can determine the depth of an object, the weight of the machine and the types of metal that the device is able to find. Moreover, the best metal detector will typically generate a graphic image of an item that has been found.

Evaluating the Coils

In general, a detector will be able to discover small objects at a depth that is roughly equal to the width of the coil; however, coils with a diameter of more than 12 inches could exceedingly disperse and weaken the signal. Consequently, devices that have especially large coils may miss very small objects.

Made by Kellyco Metal Detectors, the Treasure Commander TCX1 has a round coil with a width of 10 inches. The component is concentric, and as a result, the signal becomes substantially narrower as it penetrates deeply into the ground.

Modifying the Sensitivity

By decreasing the device's sensitivity, a user can eliminate false alerts that are caused by electrical signals. The Treasure Commander TCX1 has 10 settings, and the customer may use a knob to adjust the levels of sensitivity. In spite of the benefits of this feature, too much reduction of the sensitivity can cause the detector to miss small, valuable objects, such as rings, earrings and old coins.

Balancing the Device

If the ground contains high levels of minerals, the metal detector could generate false signals or beep erratically. Some products feature manual balancers that help the devices to adjust to the presence of a large amount of natural minerals.

Identifying Numerous Metals and Pinpointing an Item's Position

Each type of metal will reflect signals that are within a certain frequency. By modifying the detector's settings, you can allow the device to automatically ignore metals that bounce back signals within specific frequencies.

When alerting a user of an item's presence, certain devices can emit different tones for various types of metal. The Treasure Commander TCX1 has four distinct sounds, and one device can generate as many as 12 unique tones. After you have found the approximate location of an object, you may activate a sensor that causes the sound to become louder as the metal detector approaches the item.

Analyzing the Objects

Some metal detectors are able to swiftly determine the types of items that they have discovered. Once an object has been detected, the screen will show the user an icon that corresponds to a particular item, such as a coin. Furthermore, several machines use a system that assigns numbers to certain metals.

Battery Life

Generally, the best metal detectors for beginners have a battery life of 12 to 30 hours. The device's speakers typically use a lot of electricity, so a customer can install headphones in order to extend the equipment's battery life.

Customer Service

The manufacturer of the Treasure Commander TCX1 provides a hotline for customers, and patrons may chat with an expert on the company's website. Furthermore, the business manages an online forum that allows buyers to easily help one another.

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