Electric RC jets are remote control airplanes that use electric ducted fans, or EDFs, to go much faster than a conventional airplane. EDFs are electricity-powered propellers that sit inside of a tube. The tube allows the propellers to focus the air they push, thus making them more efficient than conventional propellers.

RC jets are not only significantly more efficient than conventional RC airplanes, but usually more powerful as well. Because they're faster, they are a bit more difficult to fly, so you shouldn't consider an RC jet if you've never flown before. However, for an experienced pilot, they can be quite fun. Here are five RC jets you should consider.


1. E-flite Habu 32 DF

The Habu uses an 80-mm fan unit and a 2,150-Kv brushless motor to generate high speeds. You control the Habu using ailerons, an elevator, a rudder and a throttle. This jet has wing flaps to help with landings. The Habu is a large plane, with a wingspan of over 40 inches. It's made of fiberglass, with carbon fiber reinforcements for strength. The Habu jet is the first choice of many RC jet enthusiasts and is an industry stalwart. This plane is best suited for expert pilots.

2. Great Planes F-16

This jet is powered by a 56-mm fan and a 3,790-kV brushless motor. It can reach speeds of over 90 mph and is made of fiberglass, balsa wood and plywood. It a rather small jet, with a wingspan of just under 23 inches, so make sure you don't fly it out of sight. This is one of the most affordable ways to enter the world of high-performance EDF jets.

3. Kondor CF-86 Sabre

The Sabre was originally a U.S. airplane that the Canadian Air Force adopted. This replica is an entry-level EDF jet with foam construction and an affordable price point. The Sabre can reach speeds of over 50 mph and flies an exceptional 10 minutes per charge. Fans of the original warbird will love its realist camouflage pattern and model machine guns.

4. Dynam A-10 Thunderbolt II

This jet is a twin-motor replica of the legendary Dynam A-10 Thunderbolt II"Warthog" air-to-ground fighter plane. The Dynam A-10 is powered by two 64-mm ducted fans and two 3,300-kV brushless motors. The plane is made of foam and has excellent maneuverability. It's not one of the fastest jet planes we've seen, but it is a beautiful replica with good agility.

5. Freewing F-22 Raptor EDF Jet

This F-22 has a 3,500-kV motor with a 64-mm ducted fan. It's a three-channel aircraft, which means it is possible for intermediate pilots to fly, although it's too fast for beginners. It has foam construction and a camouflage paint scheme. The F-22 Raptor is the most powerful military plane ever constructed, and this replica is sure to inspire the same thrills as its big brother.

EDF jets are a natural next step for RC plane enthusiasts, because they offer more power and agility. These five planes all enable you to reach performance levels that aren't possible with traditional RC planes, giving you an opportunity to further your development as an RC pilot.

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