Pros / A high-grade DD-style search coil and great discrimination settings set this detector apart.

Cons / It lacks any sort of notching functionality, and the numerical target ID can confuse beginner detectorists.

 Verdict / The Teknetics EurotekPro DD is an excellent metal detector with a great coil and the brand’s customarily high build quality.

All Teknetics metal detectors can be counted on for their high build quality, but the brand's Eurotek line was also designed with affordability in mind. As the highest-tiered detector in the line, the EurotekPro DD balances that affordability with great performance, thanks in large part to its DD-style search coil.

With its simple turn-on-and-go design, this detector is a breeze to use. Aside from a power button to the left, the main control pad only has four inputs: a pinpoint button to activate the detector's pinpoint mode, a menu button to cycle through its settings, and plus and minus buttons to increase or decrease those settings. Sensitivity can be set anywhere between one and 10, though setting the detector at eight tends to work well in most non-urban areas. You can also set the volume of the detector's three audio tones, regardless of whether you're using its speakers or have plugged in a pair of headphones.

The last setting you have control over is discrimination. The EurotekPro DD's target ID is numeric, ranging from one to 99. Different metals show up in different ranges, and a metal's placement within that range can vary depending on its age, conductivity and so on. Dimes, for example, might show up anywhere between 80 and 84 on the scale, while pull-tabs would fall between 56 and 59. By using the detector's discrimination settings, you can raise or lower a hard threshold so that anything below that threshold is ignored. This allows you to, for instance, blank out everything below 70 in order to focus on the many coins that appear in the 70s and 80s.

Keep in mind, however, that because the EurotekPro DD has no notch settings, you can't isolate and ignore sections of the discrimination scale. Setting your discrimination threshold at 60 will ignore most pull-tabs, but you'll also lose the ability to find nickels, which tend to land around 56 or 57. Of course, once you've learned the detector's scale, you'll likely want to hunt without discrimination, relying on your knowledge of the numbers to guide your digging.

The EurotekPro DD's greatest asset is the double-D coil that gives it its name. The coil has a squished search field that can scan deeper into the ground than the cone-shaped fields emitted by concentric coils. Because it's long from front to back, a DD coil can cover the same amount of ground as a concentric coil as you swing it from side to side, but the thinness of the field lets you focus in on coins and jewelry that might be grouped close to trash metals.

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  1. How deep the detector can spot an average US quarter in the ground.
    Deeper is better
  2. 4  Teknetics EurotekPro DD
    10.0 "
  3. 10.0 "
  4. 8.0 "
  5. 8.0 "
  6. Category Average
    8.44 "


The lack of notching, ground balance or a graphic target ID will be disappointing for some beginners, but the DD coil makes the trade-off worthwhile. The EurotekPro DD is no gold detector, but its phenomenal precision and reliability marks it as one of the top metal detectors you can buy.

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