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AngelSense Review

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PROS / The tracker comes in a sleeve that attaches to clothing with a magnetic pin, so nobody can remove it except you.

CONS / The battery doesn’t even last for a single day.

 VERDICT / Though the AngelSense tracker has unimpressive battery life and pricy monthly subscription costs, it is powerful, full of features and a great option for tracking your special needs child.

The AngelSense is a GPS tracker that lets you view your child’s location in real time. With a geofencing function, as well as the ability to listen in on your child’s surroundings, you can have some peace of mind when your child is away from you. It feels well-built and capable of surviving daily wear and tear. Though it has the most expensive monthly subscription of any tracker on our lineup, the device is powerful and a great option for children with special needs.

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The GPS tracking device’s location update interval can be set to as often as once every 10 seconds, and you can opt to check your child’s location whenever you want. You can set up geofences, which are digital zones, around specific areas, such as school or home, and receive an alert whenever your kid enters or exits them. The tracker also automatically sends you text messages any time there’s a location change or even if your child is late leaving school or sports practice.

  1. The maximum length of the tracker’s battery life when set at the minimum update interval, with minimal usage and clear skies.
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  2. 4 AngelSense
    0.5 Days
  3. 2 Days
  4. 14 Days
  5. 4 Days
  6. Category Average
    57.75 Days

You can view your child’s location and adjust other settings through the web portal app or the smartphone companion apps, available for both Android and iOS. Once you’re logged in, it is easy to see the device’s recent location history, adjust settings and view alerts.

The device is water-resistant, though not waterproof. It can withstand an accidental sprinkling of water, but severe water damage voids its warranty. The device has high-quality construction and a decently easy-to-use interface. A panic button is clearly labeled as “SOS” on the front.

The tracker itself comes in a soft protective casing, meant to be comfortable to special needs children with high sensory sensitivity. You can attach it to your child’s clothing or bag with a secure pin that can only be removed with the included magnetic fastener key, making it difficult for anyone else to remove it. However, the battery doesn’t even last a full day, unlike those in the best GPS trackers which can last up to two weeks.

AngelSense’s support personnel are available to talk with you via live chat, email or telephone. Its representatives are parents with special needs children and use the product themselves, so they’re familiar with the product and can answer your questions in a friendly manner. The tracker ships with a lifetime warranty.

Although AngelSense’s purchase price is fairly average compared to other units, its high monthly subscription cost – the highest of any tracker in our review – prevents it from being an affordable GPS tracker option. However, despite its costliness, it’s full of features, offers wide cellular network compatibility and is backed by stellar customer service.


Due to its powerful functionality and the fact that it’s especially designed for children with special needs, particularly those with high sensory sensitivity, AngelSense is a decent choice. Though its battery doesn’t even last a full day and its monthly cost is pricy, the tracker is feature-rich and a powerful option for your special needs child.

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