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Sony ICD-PX Review

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PROS / The Sony ICD-PX333 comes with plenty of recording time and a noise cut feature that creates clear recording without interference.

CONS / It does not come with a memory card for its memory card slot.

 VERDICT / The digital voice recorder has many useful functions including a USB connection, a SD card slot and recording options for clean playback that journalists and students will appreciate.

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If you're a student, administrative assistant, court reporter or anyone who makes audio recordings, the Sony ICD-PX333 digital voice recorder will work perfectly for you. Lectures, interviews, seminars, workshops, proceedings and other spoken words are easy to capture in realistic clarity with this digital recorder.

The Sony ICD-PX333 digital voice recorder comes with a USB port and cable to allow you to transfer recordings to your computer easily. It has five recording folders, which can hold a total of up to 4,074 files. You can personalize the folders with individual names such as Notes, English Class, Work and so forth.

This voice recorder is equipped with a memory card slot for added storage, which with a card can be an alternate method for transferring recordings to your computer. This recorder does not come with a memory card, however. It does include two rechargeable AAA batteries, and its battery life is an impressive 96 hours.

The Sound Organizer software it comes with allows you to edit audio files, burn CDs and DVDs, view track marks and is a huge plus for editing and file storage.

The Sony ICD-PX333 has Intelligent Noise Cut technology, which reduces ambient noise from recordings, allowing you to hear recordings more clearly during playback. It has an A-B repeat function that allows continuous automatic replay of a recorded passage by placing marks at the points where you want the loop to begin and end. The feature works well to learn a language. There's also Easy Search, which rewinds and fast forwards in short increments to find segments in lengthy recordings.

Voice operated recording ensures that this device records only when sound is at sufficient levels, preserving memory storage and eliminating unwanted breaks in conversation.

The added recording function lets you press playback to begin recording at the end of an existing audio file without affecting the original recording. Digital pitch control maintains the pitch of a recording regardless of the playback speed, making for smooth and consistent listening.

This digital voice recorder has track marking to highlight portions of a recording to make them easy to find and return to later. Its hi/lo microphone sensitivity lets you set the sound level for your recordings to capture notes and dictation at close range or lectures and conferences in large rooms.

The Sony ICD-PX333 has 4GB of storage with a maximum recording time for this voice recorder of 1,073 hours. The memory card slot allows for extra storage space of up to 16GB.

Sony's website has a full complement of FAQs, phone and email support, online forums to easily view problems and solutions posted by others, and an online chat feature for real-time problem solving. However, accessing the online chat took us more than one attempt, and response times to questions took several minutes.



The ICD-PX333 has a number of useful features such as a memory card slot and a USB port with an included USB cable and rechargeable batteries. The Intelligent Noise Cut technology makes for largely interference-free recordings that will play back interviews and lectures with great clarity.