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Panasonic DMR EZ28K DMR-EZ28K Review

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Our TopTenREVIEWS Bronze Award winner, Panasonic’s DMR EZ28k, makes life easier with a variety of features packed into a slimmed down chassis. The DVD recorder features an all black finish with the Panasonic logo display right in the center of the unit. The left side of the unit houses the DVD tray and on the right useful information such as track number and track time are displayed.

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With the DMR EZ28K’s built in digital tuner, you can record your favorite shows to a DVD. You don’t have to settle for low quality analog signals anymore. If your current TV doesn’t have a digital tuner, you can use the DMR EZ28K’s built in tuner to receive digital signals and improve your TV watching experience, even if you aren’t recording the program.

The Panasonic DMR EZ28K will take all your standard definition 480p DVDs and upconvert them to 1080p. Even if you don’t record much, this is a feature worth having, just to improve your viewing experience while watching all your old favorites. The HDMI connection is required when upconverting to 1080p. Using this connection not only makes your picture look better, it is also simpler than connecting the 5 cables required for a component video plus audio connection.

Using Panasonic’s VIERALink it is possible to connect your entire home entertainment system and use only one remote to control all devices. This is possible if you have compatible Panasonic VIERALink devices for your TV and surround sound system. Not only does this allow you to use only one remote, but the system will turn on the appropriate device and switch inputs accordingly, with only one button.

The Panasonic DMR EZ28K features an SD memory card reader. Now you can show off your favorite vacation photos on your TV rather than gathering everyone ‘round your computer monitor. Don’t have an SD card compatible camera? No problem. The Panasonic DMR EZ28K also features a USB port allowing you to connect virtually any camera to the recorder.

The Panasonic DMR EZ28K also features an improved design and user interface. The most used buttons have been placed on the top-front corner of the machine making it easy to access when the machine is located under the TV in a cabinet.

The expert reviewers liked the image quality produced by the Panasonic DMR EZ28K. The DVB-T adaptive noise reduction did a good job of removing noise that often occurs in digital broadcasts. The diagonal processor did a good job of turning diagonal lines into sharp lines when upconverting a signal. The compatibility with most disc formats was also a plus. There is no longer a need to buy a specific format of disc. The DMR EZ28K will record and play them all.

Users liked the built in tuner included with the DMR EZ28K. The tuner also worked with cable allowing the reception of HD signals via cable. The DMR EZ28K also did a good job of upconverting older DVDs to higher resolution.


The Panasonic DMR EZ28K does a good job of doing what it’s supposed to: record TV shows and playback DVDs. This would be a good solution for anyone looking for a no hassle way of recording and playing back DVDs.

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