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Philips DVD/VCR Player DVP3355V/F7 Review

Philips DVD/VCR players contain all the trusted and familiar features of VCR and DVD players of days gone by, plus a few extra features to make it compatible with today's high-tech devices. With these machines you can enjoy multiple playback options and optimized image quality that improves standard-definition content.

Many of these units use progressive scan technology, which essentially doubles the resolution of standard-definition video, making it suitable for viewing on a high-definition television or monitor. Some of these Philips DVD/VCR players lack 1080p upscaling, which converts a standard-definition signal into an HD stream. The progressive scan by itself is acceptable, but including the upscaling feature would have made these devices more complete and modern.

The main purpose of these combos is playing DVDs and VHS tapes. However, the DVD player is also compatible with compact discs from your music collection. In addition, it supports rewriteable disc media, including CD-R/CD-RW, DVD-R/-RW, DVD+R/+RW and CD/SVCD.

Most of these devices include your basic connections. In the rear you may find analog audio, S-video, component and composite video inputs. Front inputs could include analog audio and composite video (CVBS). You will not find HDMI inputs available on most of these Philips products.

You may also find that several of these units include convenience features such as parental controls to help you control exactly what content your children are viewing. Some models also allow you to change the language of the display to French or Spanish.

You will find a handful of accessories included with each Philips device. These accessories vary by model, but most include batteries, an audio/video cable, a remote control and user manuals.

Philips customer support is exactly what you would expect from a company this size. Phone, email and online support options are easy to find and readily available. Friendly and informed representatives answered our all questions quickly, accurately and politely.

The Philips DVD/VCR players are excellent units for playing DVDs and VHS cassette tapes. The progressive scan technology available on certain models produces a crisp picture, and the audio support carries rich sound. The features combine to create an excellent viewing experience.