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Flip Down DVD Player Reviews

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Flip Down DVD Player Review

Why Buy a Flip Down DVD Player?

Long car rides, noisy kids or just plain boredom can cause you to search for alternative sources of entertainment in the car. When the books give you motion sickness, the road trip games grow stale and the food is eaten, the final answer lies in a flip down DVD player. These ceiling-mounted media players allow you to take your favorite CDs, DVDs and MP3s on the road with you, providing hours of familiar entertainment.

These flexible devices do far more than play DVDs. Many of them allow you to connect external devices, like video game consoles. Still more, all of the players capable of playing DVDs allow you to play CDs, allowing you to broadcast an impromptu radio station into the headphones of those in the backseat while you use the car’s radio for those up front. Our top three flip down monitors, manufactured by Zycom, Pyle Audio and Power Acoustik, all offer an SD card slot, which allows you to display stored pictures on the device’s screen. Several criteria—which we will explain below—went into our rankings, by which we have determined the best ceiling-mounted DVD player currently available on the market. For additional information, look at our informational articles on flip down DVD players.

Flip Down DVD Players: What to Look For

In our research to determine the best flip down monitor, we discovered a few attributes that the top models all seemed to share. Among these are a high quality screen, several additional features associated with the device, remarkable usability and helpful customer support. The highest quality players we reviewed contained all of these attributes in surprising amounts. These categories are detailed below:

Screen Specifications
A large, high-resolution screen is a key ingredient in a ceiling-mounted player. It should be large enough to display the picture clearly but not so large that it obstructs your view of the back seat or the road behind you. Screens of the players on our lineup range from 10.4” across to an impressive 19”.

Device Features
The best flip down DVD players do more than just read discs. Everything from CD compatibility, audio/video inputs for external devices, SD card slots and USB interfaces are included in the top models, granting convenience and flexibility to these powerful devices.

Ease of Use
A high-quality device that’s impossible to install is just as useless as one that is easily installed but impossible to operate. To get the most out of your player, be sure that it will be both painless to install and easy to operate.

Support & Warranty
Prompt and helpful customer service is essential for a device of this complexity. Proper documentation and responsive representatives will make installing and operating your player much more enjoyable. Look for products that include a warranty; some players can scratch discs or break, so it’s important to be sure that you’re covered in these events.

In your search for the flip down DVD player that best fits your needs, consider the research that we at TopTenREVIEWS have compiled. Our side-by-side comparisons and concise reviews will help you identify the best product for you.

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