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Sony DVP-FX930 FX930 Review

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PROS / A long battery life allows you to watch several media programs on a single charge.

CONS / The touch buttons are not as responsive as we would like to see.

 VERDICT / If you are in the market for a portable DVD player with high picture quality this is a good choice for you. If a heavy feature set is more important, then you may want to look elsewhere.

Editor’s Note: This product has been removed from our side-by-side comparison because it is no longer available. You can still read our original review below, but Top Ten Reviews is no longer updating this product’s information.

Sony has developed a strong name over the past few years when it comes to quality and overall great performance on any type of electronics. The Sony DVP-FX930, is a perfect example of the excellent video quality that only Sony can provide in a portable DVD player. The DVP-FX930 not only has outstanding videos but it also has a very sleek look with a durable and yet stylish design. The portable DVD player is available in five different colors: black, blue, red, pink and white so finding the perfect color for a friend, family member or that special one in your life is easy. Boasting a 6 hour battery life, the Sony DVP-FX930 allows you to take this portable DVD player anywhere and still watch 2 or 3 videos before it needs to be charged.

Video & Audio Performance

Just because you are going on the road or you’ll simply be away from home doesn’t mean you have to give up the quality video watching you’re used to. The Sony DVP-FX930 is the best of the best when it comes to amazing high resolution picture and video quality. With a 9 inch screen you will be able to really enjoy those picture perfect moments on any video with amazing 800 x 480 high resolution and 12-bit/108MHz Video DAC (Digital to Analog Conversion). This technology takes the hazy or blocky look that a lot of players have and smoothes them out so that you get the most pristine picture every time. The screen can swivel 180 degrees so everyone can get the best picture possible. You can also fold the screen back onto the base and use the DVD as a hand-held tablet. Sony has made it possible to get home style quality in an almost hand held portable DVD player even when on the go with the Sony DVP-FX930.

Just below the screen there is a row of touch-sensitive buttons that cover all the key functions you will need when watching a video. A pad on the right allows you to scroll through the different menu options included on most DVDs or you can choose to use the remote control that is included. The remote control works perfect because the Sony DVP-FX930 is supporting dual sensors so that you don’t have to have the remote pointed directly at the player for it to work. There were some complaints about the fact that the touch sensitive buttons don’t respond (like the iPhone or iPod Touch) so it is hard to tell if it is working correctly.

While Sony may have been right when it comes to high resolution video quality however, they did fall short on the file compatibility and additional ports on the DVD player itself. We would like to have seen something more along the lines of the Toshiba which has an SD card reader and supports DivX and other such files. There is also the lack of a USB port which in today’s world is a must have for any type of electronic that can play or support media files. You will however get two head phones jacks and AV in and out ports which are standard for any portable DVD player on the market today.

Go beyond just watching movies with the multiple format disc player you will not only be able to watch DVDs but also be able to view photo albums, play CDs and even listen to MP3s. During those long road trips being able to recharge your DVD player is a must. The Sony DVP-FX930 comes with a car adaptor so no matter where you find yourself it is always ready to go.


When comparing picture quality the Sony DVP-FX930 is in a different league than many of the other portable DVD players. This player is missing a few key essentials that come standard with players like the Toshiba SDP93s, some of which are an SD card reader and the ability to read DivX files. If picture quality is what you are looking for than the Sony DVP-FX930 is the only real option on the market.