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Solar Radio Reviews

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Solar Radio Review

Why Do I Need a Solar Radio?

Solar Radios have a lot going for them. They work well for outdoor fun like hiking, biking, camping or a day at the beach because they can be charged by the sun while you play and many of them are made to withstand outdoor use.

Beyond just having fun, these solar radios are practical, too. Since they don't need a constant supply of batteries or electricity to keep them running, they are perfect for your emergency kit. During a natural disaster or blackout when you can't charge the emergency radio in traditional way, you can set it in a sunny window or crank it using its dynamo crank generator.

Solar Radios: What to Look For

Solar radios come with a variety of options that can make choosing the best one for your needs confusing.  We have examined each option and have determined which ones will give you the most bang for your buck and which ones are just frustrations waiting to happen. Here is how we break down our research so you can compare the best solar radios.

Why just get a solar radio when you can have a solar radio and a flashlight, cell phone charger, a weather radio, clock, bottle opener and more all in one unit? In this section of our reviews you will find out all of the different goodies that each radio includes. We also tell you which features work well and which ones are duds so there are no surprises.

There's no point of buying an emergency radio or a solar radio for outdoor activities if it isn't meant for heavy use. In this section you will find information on how well-built the solar radio is, if it is shock resistant and if it is weatherproof.

Ease of Use
In an emergency situation or when you're out in the middle of no-where you don't want to have to read the manual to figure out your solar radio's settings. Being able to access the weather radio and emergency alert features quickly can mean the difference between life and death. That's why we tell you in this section if the solar radio is easy to use or if your need a team of customer service reps to figure out how to use all the features.

Charge Types
The more charge options you have the better. We determined how many different ways you can charge each solar radio and how well each charge type works so that you can make an informed decision.

All of these categories work together to give you a complete idea of how well the solar radio, like the Scorpion, American Red Cross Solarlink FR600, or the American Red Cross Solarlink FR500 will work for your needs. For more information on the uses for these types of solar radios see our articles about solar radios.