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The Best Standard DVD Players of 2016

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The Best Standard DVD Players of 2016

Our Ranking Standard DVD Player
1 Toshiba
2 Sony
3 Philips
4 Samsung
5 Panasonic
6 Pioneer
7 Magnavox
9 LG
10 Sanyo
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How We Picked the DVD Player Lineup

DVD players are a commonplace item in homes in the digital age. Although many people watch their DVDs via their game consoles or stream videos to their laptops or smart TVs, DVD players remain a steadfast part of the home entertainment setup. When choosing this lineup, we decided to stick to standard DVD players and exclude portable models, DVD player software and game consoles. We included Blu-ray players that also play DVDs, but not those that record from your TV.

DVD players have come an awfully long way in the last decade. While some standard DVD players remain pretty basic, most now come with an array of features, including upscaling, wireless connectivity, smart technology and the capacity to play Blu-ray discs. We looked at all of these features along with the design and usability of the brands in our lineup. For portable DVD players, check out our reviews here.