Pros / This turntable has a counter weight and anti-skate mechanism to keep the needle properly on the record.

Cons / During our testing, the conversions sounded slightly muffled compared to their digital counterparts.

 Verdict / It’s a great-looking turntable that adds flair to old technology. It doesn't have the best conversion quality, but it has the features of an overall quality turntable.

Crosley Advanced is one of the more modern-looking USB turntables we reviewed. The model comes in black or orange. We received the orange model for our review, and at first glance, it has a chic appearance. The turntable features a full platter for your 33s to sit on, and the unit is belt driven. Belt-driven motors are said to produce less noise during conversion because the motor is not located directly under the turntable.

This turntable comes equipped with the audio recording software Audacity. Audacity does not have auto-track detection feature. This means that after you record one side of an LP, you'll need to go into the software and manually split up the audio tracks if you want your converted LP to be split into individual songs.

The advantage that Audacity has over other software is its audio-cleaning tools. Audacity has noise-reduction tools as well as click-and-pop filters. If you find that your conversions are noisy with lots of static and other noises, you can go into Audacity and filter much of that noise out without compromising the audio's sound quality. Audacity is not as simple to use as EZ Converter, but it has its advantages.

We tested each vinyl converter turntable's ability to create high-quality digital conversions from LPs. We used a handful of LPs including The Beatles' "Rubber Soul" and "Abbey Road," Jack White's "Lazaretto," and a 45 of the Beatles' "Let It Be." When we compared songs from the LPs to the digital downloads of the same content, we noticed that the Crosley audio files were a little muffled. The sound quality can be compared to as if you'd lightly placed your hands over your ears while listening to the song.

While the conversions were still listenable, all of the audio lacked prominence and clarity. The upside to using this digital turntable is that it eliminates a lot of noise without the need to go back into the software and use the noise-removal tools. It almost seems like the turntable has a built-in noise filtering mechanism when it converts. The downside is the conversions seem to lack definition.

This turntable has a handful of features that we look for in a quality turntable. The metal tone arm is balanced by a counter weight on the other end. A counter weight is used to put the right amount of pressure on the vinyl, not only to create the best quality sound, but also to reduce wear on both the record and the needle. This turntable also has an antiskate mechanism that prevents the needle from skipping on the record.

This turntable is covered by a one-year warranty from the date of purchase. The Crosley USB turntable comes with a user manual that guides you through setup. If you have any questions concerning your turntable's performance, you can reach the manufacturer via phone or email.

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Crosley is a great-looking turntable and has many features, including a counterweight and an antiskating mechanism. The LP to digital conversions we made during testing was fairly noiseless, but it didn't have the clarity that the Ion Archive and Audio-Technica LP120 produced. This is not to say that the quality was terrible – quite the contrary – other turntables toward the top of our lineup produced clearer-sounding conversions. This is still a quality turntable unit that certainly deserves to be in our top 10 list.

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Specifications and Benchmarks


Included Software
Automatic Track Detection
Lossless File Conversion
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Step-by-Step Software

Recording & Playback

Audio Quality
Playback Speeds
33, 45
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Adjustable Pitch Control
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Turntable Design

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Help & Support

1 Year
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