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Beat Thang Review

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PROS / There are over 3,000 sounds to choose from with multiple effects options.

CONS / There is no warranty that is offered for the Beat Thang.

 VERDICT / The Beat Thang can do it all. It is perfect for a studio setting and live performance. This drum machine truly is a mobile music production center.

There isn’t a drum machine that makes song writing easier than the Beat Thang. This drum machine is so much more than the title Drum Machine entails. The Beat Thang has sampling and sequencing capabilities that make it easy to create songs. Loaded with over 3,000 different samples and battery powered so you can take your beat maker anywhere you need, it’s a no brainer why the Beat Thang earns our TopTenREVIEWS Gold Award.

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  1. Total amount of sounds that come stock with each machine.
  2. 1 Beat Thang
    3254 Number of Sounds
  3. 452 Number of Sounds
  4. 480 Number of Sounds
  5. Category Average
    828.71 Number of Sounds


The Beat Thang’s musical capabilities surpass any average drum machine. This machine offers over 3,000 original samples. It is going to take you a long time before you start repeating samples. This wide variety of sounds will help spark your creativity in no time. Many drum machines only offer effects such as EQ and compression to mix into your sounds. The Beat Thang offers filters, reverbs, phasers, flangers and more. You can manipulate the presets to sound any way you like. If you are looking for a sound or tone that is not on this beat maker (which is unlikely), you can sample your own sounds onto this mobile drum machine.

Sequencing is a good tool to have on your beat maker. Real-time sequencers allow you to record musical notes in real time and play back musical notes with designated tempos and pitches. The Beat Thang has an onboard real-time 16-track sequencer that will help you layer your samples with ease and create heavy-hitting songs.


The Beat Thang’s memory storage and connect ability are unmatched. This drum machine offers two separate SD card ports that enable you to upgrade your drum machine's memory by up to 32GB per SD card. With the memory capability of the Beat Thang, you will never have to worry about running out of memory for new ideas and songs.

MIDI ports are an industry standard in connect ability. That’s why this beat machine has two USB ports to make it as easy as possible to connect to any computer or instrument that you need.

The most versatile and best drum machines have the ability to be used for live performance. This beat maker is not a product that only belongs in the studio; it excels in live performance capabilities. You have the option to plug in a footswitch to help start and stop your rhythms when you hands are tied with other instruments. You can also use an expression pedal in case you want the option to tweak the volume and intensity of your beats and sound. Dual headphone jacks also allow you and a partner to listen in on the groove simultaneously.


Whenever inspiration strikes, you can be ready no matter where you are because the Beat Thang was made for maximum portability. It has a rechargeable ion lithium battery so you don’t need to be bound down a power cord connection. It weighs only 6 pounds and is about a foot long, which makes it easy to fit into any backpack or laptop bag.

The Beat Thang has a very sleek, modern look. The all-black chassis is made of metal for durability, and all of the pads on this drum machine light up bright blue for easy visibility. The blue pads light up with the beat during playback, which helps you while you are editing and building your beats.

The display is a color LCD screen, making it easier to navigate than most black and white LCD displays. The color makes it easy to find your way around this drum machine's options and sound libraries.


There isn’t a style of music that eludes this beat machine. The Beat Thang’s massive sound library has all of the tools that you will need to cover everything from dubstep to rock and roll. The sound library is neatly organized into style categories making the Beat Thang one of the easiest drum machines to use.

Help and Support

On the Beat Thang’s manufacturer’s website, you'll find a downloadable online manual, and there are also video tutorials that walk you through the beat making processes and guide you to fully understand all the capabilities of this incredible drum machine. The creators of the Beat Thang want you to have the most enjoyable and easy experience possible with their product.

If you have any problems with your drum machine, you can contact the manufacturer by telephone or email.


The Beat Thang is nothing short of a modern drum machine monster. With thousands of original samples, a real-time sequencer and a small footprint, no other drum machine has as many features and is as portable as the Beat Thang. This drum machine is perfect for studio music production as well as live performance. The Beat Thang is more than just a drum machine; it truly is a mobile music production center.

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